Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Resolutions, sales and vouchers for sales

I have a slightly odd feeling at the moment ...

There has been a steam games sale going and I actually have more money now than when it started ...
Although that's not saying much because my built up funds from selling the daily trading cards that you can get through Steam sales is currently £1.14. I'm rich !
Maybe not. I do have a few other vouchers though. The credit card I use accumulates points over time which work out to about £50 a year. Not too shabby. Last year, that £50 went on a mechanical keyboard which I have enjoyed using over the past year. This year there are three two main choices :

1 - it goes towards a Lego BB-8 which I'll enjoy putting together for a couple of evenings and then have to find a place to put it. That finding a place thing is getting more complicated these days. I need to throw out some stuff.
2 - it goes towards lots of e-books and music. This is the favourite actually because there are 6 more books in the Expanse series that I think I'd enjoy a lot, plus I have my eye on other authors. And there are albums by Lisa Hannigan and Agnes Obel that I want. (Although Amazon appear to have double the price of the Lisa Hannigan album - meh, it'll wait). I also want the latest Ed Sheeran, Evanescence and Tori Amos albums but I'm waiting for the price to reduce on those.
(Choice 3 is new pants. And a cardigan. But I am ashamed of this choice, forget you read it).

I can't use the credit card vouchers on games sadly. But what games ... most of the games I really have my eye on aren't released yet, or they fall foul of my weak wright rist being sore. I've been steering clear of the shooty games due to that. What games are most likely ?

Surviving Mars - I want this. It looks like it'll be a lot of fun for the colony builder part of my brain. I've watched a couple of livestream videos from the community manager and one of the senior devs and it looks like they're coming out with a cracker. Not yet available though.

Frostpunk - a post apocalyptic colony builder set in a frozen Earth. Looks very promising, not actually out yet.

Aven Colony - another space colony builder but ... I'm not actually too convinced by it.

Holy Potatoes game - I watched KatherineOfSky play the We're In Space game from this series and she had a huge amount of fun with it. Here's the link to the playlist and I would thoroughly recommend watching more of her videos.

Bomber Crew - a jovial WW2 esque bomber game. Not discounted enough yet but it is a very recent release.

Doki Doki Literature club - actually a free game that is attracting legendary status. I need to check it out ...

Heat Signature - this is quite likely but I'm a little concerned that it might aggravate that poorly wrist.

Yep. Lots of potential stuff out there.
All of the games.

I also have 3 vouchers for the town centre cinema too, one of which may actually go on a second watching of The Last Jedi on Friday. Maybe. Good film, enjoyed it and I have a feeling there are things I missed the first time around.

Resolutions ? It's the time for new year resolutions ....
I don't usually go in for these but I have one this year, actually maybe a couple. I'm going to try and ignore more stuff. My mental state is affected heavily by those around me and what I choose to take notice of. So I'm going to attempt to :

Ignore the bad. Harder than it sounds because helping people is an important part of me. This may sound selfish but I'm going to concentrate on the people I find really important and attempt to ignore the rest. Because that negativity has an effect on me too.

But that doesn't mean stopping having fun with people, in a make 'em laugh and be cheered up by their smiles kind of way. It does mean avoiding most of the unimportant drama that erupts over the internet. Just scroll on and avoid that.

Another resolution is to read more. I enjoyed Revenger and I'm trapped into the first Expanse novel too and more Alastair Reynolds and James S. A. Corey (The Expanse) books are what the voucher is likely to go on.

And the last one is to actually get out there and do stuff. My outsides are steadily getting back to normal, so I can't be trapped by them any more. It'll be good to break those shackles.

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