Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Great Server Hamster Rebellion

An incident at work today gave me a very daft idea while I was milling over my lunch ...

Yep. Back in work today, although the old boss was looking at me thinking that I should probably be in a coffin if not my bed still.

Shrug - I tend to keep on going and ignore when I should collapse. And then collapse later when I'm home and not obliged to do very much. I have opened a game for the first time in about a week ... but that was to prepare another joke. The inspiration of that hasn't seen it yet and the story of the Rogue Robots tasked to protect their Holy Kittens from being distracted by the Red Dot is a story for another day.

Wonder if the Rogue Robots have server hamsters too ?

And were you caught up in the Great Server Hamster Rebellion of 011111100010 ?
As usual, click for bigger and more readable text. I had fun with this one.

Oh and if anyone recognises the pictures, let me know who to give the credit to. I loved 'em but Google doesn't love giving accreditation to pictures. I'm very happy to give a credit note and link.

I've been mostly powered by coffee today. I'm usually on one mug of proper coffee and then it's fake (decaff) for the rest of the day but I stayed on the hard stuff today.

Was able to get stuff done though. My back dislikes me now though and I'll probably pay for it later but .... I'll disappear off to bed when that happens.

Or get caught reading to the end of Abaddon's Gate and then order up Book 4 of the Expanse.

To the Kindle !

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