Thursday, November 24, 2005

Today must be a good day

The reason ?

I get to talk to sweet, attractive people ! First opportunity was this morning as a happy side effect of being in bed too long. Meant I got to walk in from the car park (decent way in our car park) with said person who was also late in for work. She'd just flown back from one of our other offices the night before.

And just now, I got to talk to sweet, attractive person again when fetching my lunch.

Must be a good day. The sun's come out as well.

Almost forgot the IT Girl, who is also sweet and attractive and one of the better reasons for working where I work. [throws evil grin at the IT Girl, who's probably giving the game away by blushing like a beetroot on reading this]

PS The raid on Darnassus last night was fun. It was planned in secret, with the subterfuge working like a charm. We managed to smuggle in 40 of our people into one of the enemy's capital cities without them noticing. Didn't manage to take out the leader though. (Yep - this is a World of Warcraft PS, readers may need to get used to those ...) Alterac Valley afterwards was fun though. Went in at about 8.30-9pm and finished the battle at 3.30am. Horde (my side) for the win :-)

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