Tuesday, November 22, 2005

My laptop is slow

Currently putting Civilisation 4 on my laptop, Minibox. Which means I'm getting distracted into a little bit of housekeeping ... You see, this laptop used to get used by my partner, who left 6 months ago. Ever since then, it's been looking for a use. I've managed to use it to resurrect some games that don't like my main pooter (Guilmon, to be renamed Godzilla), so it hasn't been completely idle.

Anyway, this post is brought to you courtesy of a Sleepy person sitting in front of the telly with a laptop on his lap (where else!). Oh look ! Pakistani cricket cheating again*. Fella called Shahid Afridi taking advantage of a break in play to scuff up the pitch to help his bowling. Ah well, he just got banned for the next couple of games. Silly boy. Not as good as the fella in the Lincolnshire leagues who got himself banned for 2 whole seasons, with his club's two teams relegated two whole divisions ... each ! Their captain headbutted an umpire. It was the right kind of punishment to give out, trouble is that the relegation just meant that there were a couple of mega powered teams working their way up the leagues over the next few seasons having easy games. Including the game against us where I was fifth out, top scoring with 7. I made the mistake of panicking, thinking I should try and push the scoring on before I ran out of partners. Our team scored 19 all out ... That game didn't last long.

Poor old Minibox is still doing its housekeeping and I should really be going to bed now ... Just one more turn on Civ 4, which isn't even installed yet. Hope I get up in time to get a space in the car park tomorrow ...

*Cheating cricketers. I was hoping Ian Bell would stay in the England team this time instead of Paul Collingwood, Bell is coming to terms with being an international quite well, whereas Collingwood hasn't done nearly well enough with the bat. Trouble is, Ian Bell claimed a catch in this game that would have been ruled out with video refs ... The scoreboard says that he did catch the ball ... but doesn't record that he dropped it after before picking it up off the ground. Ho hum. Things like that even out after time and I'm not convinced that the other side had a legal catch on one of their wickets.

PS I like cricket, I could natter for hours about it ... Or at least the time needed for Minibox to do its housekeeping.


  1. in front of the tv with a laptop on your lap is the right & proper place to blog. I would never have managed if I had to go and sit at the proper computer each day:-)

    ps I've blogrolled you.

  2. Yey ! I've figured out Blogrolling as well now.

    Yesterday, the blog.
    Today, blogroll.
    Tomorrow, I'll be on google.
    Next week, the world ?

    Hmm. That's scary, someone got to Sleepypete before me ... and that one is also a computer geek ...


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