Saturday, November 26, 2005

Reporting from the Molten Core ...

Or, from the depths of Blackrock Mountain, where you don't have to worry about having a woolly jumper. No snow down there ... It be a bit warm.

Molten Core is the second hardest raid instance* in World of Warcraft, it needs 40 people working together in harmony, getting the absolute best out of what their characters can do. It's tough ... This was only our third run inside, so we're still learning how to beat it.

Impressive run tonight, the dog packs that had us for lunch last time (they need special tactics) found themselves turned into kebabs ... My Iceangel character was getting chubby, although being undead you can still see the ribs sticking out. And the elbows ... and the knees ... (will have to post a pic sometime)

First boss, Lucifron, was summarily dealt with and one of the really good items that dropped went to a guildmate, so that's me happy. Also happy that even without spending loads of time in the game hunting the best gear, I did the 5th most damage of the 40. Managed to get in the thick of it and cause major chaos, mayhem and destruction. Definitely a happy me. And it was good to hear our Overqueen laughing away too, although it seems that she has more trouble fending off her cat than in keeping the warriors alive. My character's there to do damage, the Overqueen is there to heal the warriors that are supposed to take the damage.

Excellent run, we're going to be hitting it again on Sunday.

* a raid instance is an area in the game where you have privacy. Each group that goes in has their own copy of the instance, so groups don't interfere. It also limits the number of people who can take on the instance. In the case of Molten Core, it's a full 40 person raid.

PS They should make another high end instance in somewhere snowy, so you can melt snowmen.
PS2 I can go to bed now ! Brian Lara just got out after passing Alan Border to become the highest run scorer in Test cricket. Good on 'im :-) I was hoping he'd go on to beat the 400 he scored against England but that's not to be.


  1. Neglecting Civ IV again?

  2. Yep. Been hammering at World of Warcraft pretty solid for the last few days ... Except for Thursday.


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