Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Coming clean

Ok ... so what was I up to on Sunday morning to get my body complaining at me for lying on the kitchen floor in weird and wonderful positions ...

Installing a washing machine !

First step - the oo eck, something's not right here. Last washing machine decided to have multiple things go wrong at the same time. It shredded a door seal and was making the house power trip ... And the last load I put through included a fleece that took 2 days to dry. So it was time to spend money.

Sunday morning - new toy appears and because of insurance, I have to disconnect the old one. First panic, where's me grippers ! Is this another miscellaneous item that got removed from the house by my ex ? Perhaps. I had to borrow some off the delivery people. Problem number one ...

I got me a leak. Next 30 minutes, maybe an hour, were spent with me on the kitchen floor with my finger in the end of the hot water pipe as the tap wouldn't fully close. I got my washing machine fitted though, basic engineering skills really help out sometimes :-) It worked too and didn't flood the house when I put a test wash through it. Bonus ! It's a Whirlpool washer and after putting the test load in and seeing it disappear in the cavern of a drum, I started thinking that I should have got a washer/dryer.

And when I told one of the World of Warcraft people about it, I got an offer to go to her house and lie on her kitchen floor in weird and wonderful positions. Wonder what she meant ...

Anyway, even the strangest comment can have a perfectly simple explanation behind it, especially when it's me making the strange comment.


  1. So how far away does this mystery woman live?

  2. At least 180 miles ...

  3. Not insurmountable...Weekend visit? ;o)

  4. Is that 180 miles each way... or round trip.............?

  5. That's 180 miles from here to the place I believe she lives ... Or a little bit further to get to Tirisfal Glades.


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