Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Time for a new toy

And what shall it be ...

I already have plans to build a new computer after Xmas strikes as my current one is starting to really struggle, even before I up the screen size with a TFT screen.

Nah. Could be getting a webcam, after being on MSN with someone last night who also had a webcam. Definitely adds something being able to see the other person smile when they read a daft comment that you just typed. And it would let me return the favour as well. Especially as the last picture I have of me is rather embarassing. It's from before the last cricket season, so I was probably slightly above 14 stone at that point ... (lost half a stone now - my belt feels looser already !)


  1. Hey SP...I have an idea for you.

    How about building yourself a mini tower PC/Media centre to plug into your TV Wirelessly networked to your other Machines?

  2. Hey ! If I went wireless, I could acquire some wireless webcams as well and use motion sensing to have them automatically follow me around the house ... That'd be cool :-)

    Would have to figure out a wireless microphone system to follow me around as well though.


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