Monday, November 21, 2005

Hello World

First entry from me :-) Who am I ? That can wait. Where did I come from ? That too. Why am I here ?

Blame Aginoth ! (I like Agi really, he bought me a good book for my birthday)

Things will be a little bare here until I figure out what to do with Blog pages, so I'll keep it short by just saying where the Blog name comes from ... My alter ego is an undead girlie called Iceangel, in the game World of Warcraft (WoW). I'm the guildmaster of a guild set up by people at work. I just happened to be the best powergamer when we started, spending the most time on there, getting to a position where we could set things up. So I ended up being the GM. Things are going well for the guild, we're part of a unique gathering of small guilds that come together to do the end game content. Imagine the chaos that could ensue when 40 characters come together ... That's us ! But it's not as chaotic as it could be because we have good leadership.

Anyway ... hello world. Back for more later after I get more sleep.

PS OW. Still sore after lying on the kitchen floor in weird and wonderful positions yesterday morning. Back hurts.


  1. Hi Sleepy :-)

    I won't ask what you were doing lying on the kitchen floor.

    You are now linked to the Palace..


  2. Maybe in tomorrow's blog ... I have very clean fingertips because of it though :-)

  3. Welcome to the slippery slope SP

  4. welcome to the blogosphere:-)

  5. Welcome...... Oh, Boy... You've done it now...............


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