Sunday, November 27, 2005

Anyone know a good UK ISP ?

I've been experiencing the "expert" customer service from Blueyonder. Phase 1 - nationwide upgrade. Woo hoo ! 4Mb for the price I was paying for 512kb when I got broadband originally.

Erm - why is my internet disconnecting so much ? Most of the time it's ok but then you get the disconnects, which is usually in the middle of a fight in World of Warcraft. ARG ! Says my character as she dies.

So I look on the status page and it tells me (message gone now) that there's a problem at my location. Looking further, it tells me that the problem has been resolved and they're looking into what's causing it. If they haven't nailed down the cause, why have they marked it as resolved ? Grr.

Next step - I use their support page to tell them I'm not happy. (Giving their number as the number to call of course, I don't want them telling me about their problem, I just want it fixed ...) I get an email back saying "The fault that this Ticket referred to has been resolved. If you are still seeing problems there may be another cause, and as such we will require diagnostics showing the problem. We can then take the issue further." They haven't yet replied to the "If the ticket has been resolved, why am I still having connection issues ?" They also don't tell people how to provide the diagnostics. Wonder if they would reply if I sent them a few links with cut price ADSL offers.

Ah well - munchies and then maybe some more World of Warcraft. The disconnection thing just got me rather irritated yesterday because it was happening when I was supposed to be bodyguarding for a group of people from another guild. Bit embarassing when your warrior can't do that due to frequent disconnects. I have two characters I play a lot - Iceangel the mage and damage dealer plus Bashara the warrior, who's job is to get bashed a lot ... (she's the bodyguard)

PS I play girl characters because girl characters look better.

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  1. I'm on BT 2 meg broadband and have no complaints at all about the ISP reliability


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