Monday, July 15, 2013

That Inner Geek

Another one from the Facebook feed :

Made me laugh :-)

I've been indulging that Inner Geek a bit lately. Not as much as it could have done but still a little too much here lately ...

Aside - Oh my - the Ashes highlights from 2005 are on and they just showed one of the England players get hit on the head. Instant bad memory flash there ... This time it was a ball that bounced more than expected and the batsman pulled his head out of the way when he aborted the shot. The ball missed the helmet ... and hit him below his ear. Ouch. My memory is from when I got hit in the same area, except I didn't move my head so much (less time cos it was an edge).

It's the scary when the difference between marbles being rattled so much that the batsman didn't last long (England guy was out very soon after) and me being able to shake it off enough to bat through the remainder of the game isn't much of a difference. It was about 1 inch in this case. So if I'd been a bit better in my evasive move, I may have been knocked out instead of taking it on the helmet.

Scary ...

Back to the Geek !

I've done a few Kerbal programme posts lately ... I like doing those. It lets me remember the hilarity that comes from watching a rocket launch with trepidation and wondering how long the rocket will survive before it pancakes itself. But ... writing the text doesn't carry that through particularly well.

If you're interested in rockets, there's still a few hours of Kerbal Space Programme being on sale on Steam and I'd heartily recommend it. It's not finished and has a lot of holes in its physics engine but ... games are supposed to be fun and this one can be hilarious.

I don't think I'll be doing many more KSP picture posts - although tell me if you enjoyed them, give me a challenge or an idea for something to do in the game and I'll give it a crack. Feedback is good :-) I like doing the music posts too but I don't know how many people click the links to watch the videos.

Talking of music - next up on the iTunes is ... Wurzels ! Seriously ! And then some Edie Brickell (Volcano) as the next album tomorrow night.

Today was a good day. And I think I've found something I have to avoid for a while :

Minstrels !!! NOOOO !!!!! Minstrels are life for early morning driving sessions (even when you forget the pack you bought for the drive - doh). But after having a couple of packets last week, my knees and some other bits flared up again. Oops. I suspect the carnuba wax shells as that shares a commonality with Pick N Mix.

Yep. Flared up followed by steady improvement. Condition's been "not bad" today. I've had a couple of bad bits but the visible bad spots have been under control. And that does good things for the confidence.

What else does wonders for the confidence ?

People giving you a wanted feeling. Definitely got that from this afternoon's meeting. The old project is struggling really badly now to get the people it needs to finish the job. It's nearly all done for the delivery step and is mostly in support now. But there's still some work needed to finish off the delivery.

And the people looking after delivery seem to want me around. It's a good feeling, although the pressure is there to justify that trust. Oh and at the same time I'm harvesting processy type knowledge to help out the new project.

Last bit - Pacific Rim = awesome.

It's the best Big Robot Movie this year. What's that ? It's the only big robot movie this year ? Might be true. That doesn't stop it being pretty awesome. Definitely enjoyed it.

PS I lied about the last bit - wanna give a wave to a special little lady, I'd have let you know about Pacific Rim but didn't know if it was your type of film ...
PS2 If there's one music video link you click on from here, make it this one. Classic !

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