Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Meeeeelltinnnggg ...

Remember I had a mini whinge the other day about the heat ?

We're in the middle of a heat wave at the moment in Blighty. The temperatures aren't as say, Mediterranean or Middle East but we tend to suffer more here when the temperatures go outside the bounds of what we're used to.

Because we're not hot all the time, or freezing all the time, we have to design everything to both. Our bodies get used to both conditions too. One bit of craziness from the news was that homes upgraded with green grants to help insulate them in the winter are near uninhabitable now in the summer. They've gone so far towards being good for the winter that they're deadly in the summer.

This house doesn't really do well at either, it's cold in the winter and traps heat in the summer.

I could do something about the winter chill by getting double glazing but to be honest, it's not great for either summer or winter but both ends balance out. I have an issue where if I left my ground floor window open, I'd definitely get visitors of the feline variety. If I got double glazing, it would trap even more heat.

With regards the skin condition, it's both a good and a bad.

The worst patches don't appreciate anything touching them. So the hot weather is giving me a chance to indulge those bad patches without me getting too cold. (Don't try to picture it ! I wouldn't wish that image on anybody !). And the bad patches are, on the whole, gradually retreating.

The bad is when I have to go out in the heat. The sweat is damaging the half healed bits. That's why I'm really appreciating being allowed back in the car park, air con is good, 40 degrees C on the bus = nasty.

I do however, have an answer for that too. Be lazy ! Ok, lazy is probably not the right word, it's more like doing everything more slowly. Not charging around everywhere. Drinking plenty of fluids.

That's working a bit, although I have been limping around today because lack of fluids lead to cramp. Meh.

I'm not playing any cricket at the moment. There's been opportunities to play but the outside of my right knee is still too torn up to permit me using knee pads. The outside damage level is too high right now to risk it.

I'm looking forward to next week's skiving week :-) It's been a couple of months since I had a break so I've started flagging again. There's still a few fairly critical things I need to knock out though before I can clear off on Friday :

Updating and issuing an early draft of a comprehensive test plan (it's grown 20 pages to 110 since I started messing with it)
Updating one "how much we doing now" acceptance summary
And making another "how much is left" acceptance summary

We're getting to the end of the old project's first phase (end of an era!) and I'll be getting more involved in it again soon. We need to see just how much work is needed to be done though before it can be all signed off as Job Done.

And looking back on it, it can only be considered as (cue up da Wurzel accent) : Proper Job.

We've made some awesome bits of kit, with me trying to harvest all the good ideas from how we did it for the new project so it doesn't get forgotten. It's so far in the future that I'll either be running the whole programme or someone else will do the meaty bits I'm preparing them for now.

See ? I think my heat management is working :-) I've stayed a bit cooler and it's allowed my brain to go racing off and Do Useful Stuff.

I'm not expecting to do much next week, I'll make a start on cleaning the house up for one. To be honest, I don't Need to go anywhere next week (trip to Lexus garage is needed) but I'd come running if the right person/people asked. Always willing to lend a friendly ear for people who need to talk through stuff. Not going to buy a laptop just yet, it seems more and more like they're waiting for the new generation to come through.

Meeellltinggggg ... But managing :-).

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