Monday, July 08, 2013

Girl ? Friday

Spotted this earlier :

Made me chuckle.

It's been an awkward Monday today. It didn't start too well cos ... you guessed it, I was washing those metaphorical cats again. Oops.

And the heat ! We're more hardened to the cold over here and we don't adjust at all well when the heat lamp in the sky gets turned on. And it's been really hot today, uncomfortably hot in the office. We have thermal strip thingys on the pillars in the office and some of them today were reading 29 degrees C inside. That's not healthy ...

I dunno how much water I drank today (lots!) but I don't think I quite drank enough.

Talk about Friday ... I'm dreaming about Thursday !

The place I'm visiting has far better conditions inside than our offices plus ... no bus. I get to sit in my car for a lot of the day basking in the air con. On the other hand, our buses are built for the winter. They have 2 slit windows near the front for ventilation, that's it. It was quite possibly 35 degrees plus in there. Possibly more. My pooter is saying the cpu and graphics are at 38 degrees C at idle (which is probably around room temp) and it felt warmer on that bus.

Meh. Enough with the complaining !

Yep. Thursday should be good. And now today's out the way, only 9 more working days until I can get some R&R annual leave in. Hopefully I can heal up some more. Some bits of me are completely fixed (no more Zombie Patches on my face), some are getting there. But I may need to see the doctor again to see what can be done about the holdouts.

You've probably been wondering where the subject heading comes from ?

I'm a big fan of Robert Heinlein novels. The guy was capable of novels of stunningly brilliant quality (although there are bad ones in there too like Farnham's Freehold) and one of them was called Friday. This book had everything. Everything ! And this was just the first couple of chapters. The rest of the book examined what it meant for the lead character, Friday, to be an artificial person living in a world hostile to the thought of that. And it's a tough book for our heroine too.

And ... ~wibble~ Isa Guha is interviewing someone in the cricket. She's an Ashes winner, she knows what she's talking about.

Yeah - Friday. Best day of the week, even with it being a teacake free day in the canteen. And one hell of a book too. Not the first Heinlein book I'd recommend someone read (Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, Starship Troopers first) but it's definitely one of the good ones.


  1. Friday was one of my fave Heinlein novels. He wrote a *lot* of good stuff........

  2. He was a hell of a writer. Pretty much everything he wrote was golden. Something for everyone too :

    Huge interlinking backstory linking many of the characters together,
    Plenty of young scifi books (Starman, Space Cadet) that explained very complex ideas very simply
    Thought provoking books like Starship Troopers (yes really !)

    I may well have to add one to the queue after Guardian and Hunger Games ...

  3. The book Starship Troopers was 100x better than that travesty of a film. Try 'Time Enough for Love' if you haven't already - just don't be put off by the title!

  4. Time Enough For Love is one of his best. Poor old Bill the mule. Need to read it after some of the other Lazarus Long books though. The Cat Who Walks Through Walls is a classic too, although more for the first half than the second.

    Starship Troopers has definitely been murdered by the films. The animations were much better but still didn't go into the socio-political "yeah it sounds great but would you want to live in it ?"


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