Friday, July 12, 2013

Fauxrianne 6 part 2 ...

After having another Kerbal Space Fail with the first attempt, I just had to give this one another go.

The rocket was pretty much as before, although the bottom end may have had minor differences (didn't save the first - oops)

Launch !
Going up nice and stable. Too stable ?

Fast forwarding a bit, this is where I think I have enough height to escape the atmosphere, so it's time to take stock and set up the orbit. The blue line is the projected path, with the "Ap" showing what the highest point would be. The idea is to time the maneouvre around that highest point, because that's when it's most efficient. The yellow dotty line is the projection after making the manoeuvre.
And during the manoeuvre. The idea is to aim for the blue symbol in the nav ball. It takes a lot of effort to make an orbit though, that 1668m/s is approaching 1/2 of the fuel tank.

And into orbit :
Ok. Still a bit wonky orbit but nonetheless, it's a valid orbit that doesn't touch the atmosphere but the highest point was about 280,000km. Oops. Not circular as intended. Quite eccentric indeed.

I still had about a third of a tank of fuel left after getting the orbit, so there would have been potential for adjusting that orbit. But ... I need Jebediah for the next mission, so it was time to bring him home.
Hark at him looking at that sunrise. He's loving it.

Anyway. Jebediah, home safe and waiting for the next one. And I got it done during teatime in the cricket (well, teatime plus a bit).

PS Steam Summer Sale started yesterday. My credit card wants to hide.

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