Saturday, July 20, 2013

Still warrrrrm

Still very warm over here.

Started my summer break today :-) It's only a week, much more than that tends to leave me bored and eager to get back in to things.

I'm hoping to get some healing in this week. It's been delayed but the new shoes have conspired with the skin condition to have my ankles get damage ... And not wearing socks for a few days will give those patches a chance to recover without the disruption that socks cause.

And to be honest, these are days for staying indoors in the shade and not wearing much ... (apologies for any mental images you may have been inflicted with there !) :
(click for readability)

That's Metcheck's prediction for the next few days. Hot today, hot tomorrow, oppressive with chance of rain on Monday and potential light storm on Tuesday. When the weather does break, it's going to be spectacular ...

Heat does two things to air - it gives it energy plus it allows it to carry more moisture. What can happen is that hot air moves over the sea and draws up water vapour. Because it's hot, it can carry lots of water vapour. When that air moves over land, hills make it cool down and as it cools, it can hold less water vapour. If "Water vapour held" is more than "Potential held", it falls as rain. That's why you get hill fog.

But what causes the most spectacular stuff is where you have a body of hot, wet air hitting a cold front (the edge of a body of cold air). The hot air bounces up and over the cold air and cools as it rises.

The result ? Tall, dark nasty looking clouds with a high potential of thunder and lightning. All that energy has to go somewhere.

The real world result - time to hide for a couple of days while it's hot. It just so happens that :

Cricket is on the telly,
Open championship golf is playing on iPlayer on the desktop

Two big events. I'll not be too interested in the golf today (the important stuff happens tomorrow) but I'll listen because of that "story" thing you get in sport. In the cricket, Joe Root's in at the moment and I'm hoping he can answer the critics with a big score.

But ... Cricket + Golf = Recipe for sleep or eyeballs being torn out.

I have plenty of book in reserve.

PS None of those books are in meteorology, although I hope I remembered something from Geography lessons of 20 years ago !

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