Sunday, July 07, 2013

Sporty days (not all about sport though)

Sport's dominating at the moment :-)

We've had the conclusion of Wimblydon, a couple of Grand Prix, Le Mans 24 hours a couple of weeks ago and we're rushing headlong into another Ashes campaign. Plus a Lions rugby tour down under. (I follow Six Nations rugby but Lions tours seem a bit artificial somehow)

Oh ! I have some time off coming soon too ! It'll be in a couple of weeks and hopefully the heat will be more manageable by them. Don't get me wrong, I like a bit of sun. (And it's weird having to shade the eyes in the shower!) But I overheat very easily.

Sun = good. Heat = bad. Global warming ? Yeah, I think they're right there but I don't think the temperature will get appreciably hotter, I think instead the Earth will adjust by turning that warming into energy that drives the atmosphere more and we're seeing that in the more intense storms we're getting.

Doh. That was a bit of an aside wasn't it. See ? I do pay attention to the world sometimes !

Although I'm more concerned with a few of the people in it than I am of the world itself. Yep. Got my eye on a few of you and I hope you'll be ok.

Anyway - sporty stuff. I watch a lot of sport. But I also apply a lot of quality control to what I select for watching. Like avoiding the Lions rugby. I don't watch all cricket, I'm selective. Like there's a West Indies game on at the moment, I'm not interested in that.

Another aside (based on what's on the news right now). Charles Saatchi is a crazy man. To mistreat (allegedly!) and give up someone as beautiful and with the character of Nigella Lawson ? Nuts. I don't watch her shows much but when I do, I'm entranced by one of the hottest people on telly.

(I think this post qualifies for the scattergun label now, don't you ?)

Yet another aside - news is showing the Boeing 777 crash story. Comments - it's a credit to whatever worked right that only two have died (may it stay as two!) but you have to ask questions of "how ?". My first thought was that it was another sign of why the Dreamliner shouldn't be flying but I'm wrong there, 777 is not the ill fated Dreamliner.

Back to topic - motor racing. This is very much a mixed bag to be honest.

The Le Mans 24 hour is interesting due to its uniqueness. Here we have 200mph cars racing solid for a full 24 hours. It's an incredible event. But to watch it for the full 24 hours ? I wouldn't wish that on anyone ! I did enjoy watching the selection of it that I did watch though.

Grand Prix racing is a curiosity too. It's better when we have our favourites doing well. I'm only 99% (ok, less than that) keen on it right now because the McLarens are struggling. I like the Brits to do well in all sport I watch. Formula 1 is only interesting because of the incidents that are happening right now. The actual racing isn't great. Some tracks are better than others. Some tracks are less interesting than watching paint dry. Like the Nurburgring today, Monaco from a while ago and soon Hungary.

Oh it's also interesting for Suzi Perry. Did I mention that going gaga about ladies with long dark hair thing ? (see above ref Nigella Lawson). Highlights are a good way around the dead time but I feel more connected with sporty stuff when I see the whole thing. There's a kind of story to the game or race that you don't get with highlights.

Oh but what was exciting - tennis.

I exercise the quality control here too. It's very easy to get burned out on a sport. Especially if it's as repetitive as baseball (sorry baseball fans it doesn't have the "ball can go anywhere" of cricket) or tennis.

But we did have 2 incredible games over the weekend. I wasn't sure who to support in the ladies final but when hearing there was someone with strange habits and who falls asleep at random times, yep. That's the one I'm supporting. And she's the one who won too. No such issues with wondering who to support in the men's final.

Well done Ms Bartoli and Mr Murray ! Thoroughly enjoyed those games.

Back to work tomorrow, although I'll be looking forward to the Ashes starting on Wednesday and you can bet the commentary will be on in the car on Thursday afternoon when I'll be driving back.

How's my own cricket coming on ? Haven't played for a while. That's partly been down to lack of opportunity (rain, empty teams, full teams) but there's am outside chance of a game on Thursday. Wait - I said I was travelling ... There's a chance I'd be back in time but I've told both captains it's a "play if I get there in time". I wouldn't want to play to be honest as there's zero chance I'd be able to prepare myself.

Physically, I could play. But that's me refusing to acknowledge why I shouldn't as per usual. My skin is much improved, although my arms still look like I've been washing cats. My legs are super improved, they're still damaged but that damage is repairing itself. The reason my arms are still bad is because my discipline has been weak and I've been "helping" them too much.

I can ignore the damage to my arms though, enough to play at least. What I can't ignore is the damage to my hip, there's damage inside and outside. It's an old groin injury that's been aggravated by reinjuring it a couple of years ago, plus it hasn't appreciated the sitting on floor that I've been obliged to do because of treating the skin condition.

So yeah - improving. Looking forward to the Ashes. Definitely looking forward to that time off to chill out.

Oh and hugely looking forward to the promise of cakes that came with a certain very special person's Facebook post from Friday :-).

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