Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Oh my

I think my body is trying to tell me something.
But the stubbornness is keeping me grimly hobbling along.

Yep. Could do with a break - apologies if this turns out to be another of those Sleepy Is Struggling posts but I need to express it so I can deal with it.

So what's up ?

Me tired. Very tired.
I think that's going to be me on Saturday and Sunday. The way I'm feeling at the moment, I may submerge under those covers on Friday and stay there until Monday morning. But not yet.

Travel tomorrow, meetings on Friday. So I'll keep myself going for those. Incidentally, that's why I've not bothered the doctor about it yet although I really should check if there's something available on Friday pm after those meetings.

What do I need ?
Another course of antibiotics - to clear out the last of the infection problems and to sort out a cold I seem to have had since before Xmas. I think that last leftover infection nasties is why my skin is getting to like 90% sorted and no further. It's frustrating because some of the patches that were the most awful have healed to invisibility.

That skin problem is also exacerbating a dehydration problem that's really biting at the moment. Most of the fluids I'm taking in are going into repairs. But ... my muscles complain when they're not being fed enough water.

So I'm having to deal with cramps as well as managing the other problems.

Yep. Pain at the moment. Lots of pain.

But not unmanageable.

I'm looking to try and maintain a positive attitude.
Even when that seems harder than reasonably expectable.

I am struggling at the moment. But I compare to how I was a couple of years ago and ... I'm doing better than I was back then.

I'll go see the doctor when I next get the chance, which should help my body get over the last of the infection problems. In the meantime - lots of water to drink. And rest always helps. Well, usually.

I'll survive.

And to all those who are reading this and getting worried, I'll seek a bit of help soon. When I can.

Next post will be brighter - promise :-) And I'll hopefully have a doctor's report to pass on too. Cya !

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