Sunday, February 08, 2015

A to Z - V is for Very Best of

Not too many left in these now ...

First up is a blokey band who I've added to the Collect All They Do list. It's Maroon 5 and it's not my typical vibe but they're different, quirky, boppy, make you feel better bouncy music. Their latest is V and it's pretty decent again. Highlight is My Heart Is Open.

Another quirky mob who I'm getting to like more now is Kasabian. They're in here with Velociraptor and I love that title track "He's gonna chase you, he's gonna eat you" in sing-song lyrics. Not the best track here though, I'd call that Switchblade Smiles.

Good album. I'd heartily recommend it.

And one I'd totally recommend is Velveteen by Tranvision Vamp. I was reminded of this band by a Driving Songs collection cd and the song that stood out was Baby I Don't Care. Any song that starts with a Wendy James scream is going to get my attention, with that attention being held by a damn good song.

Garbage have been around forever it seems following up an excellent debut with Version 2.0, their second album. This one is filled with amazing songs and I think I'd pick out The Trick Is To Keep Breathing.

And here are the Very Best Of albums ...

First up is Nina Simone. She's an absolute legend with an incredible voice with great range. Her only anti-mark is her racism. I have no place for stuff like that, be it positive or negative discrimination (I'm looking at you MOBO awards). But ... it just means that certain of her songs, I won't listen to. I'll enjoy listening to the non-racism songs which have utter brilliance like I Ain't Got No, I Got Life.

That seems like a strong opinion doesn't it ? I guess it is. Question - would a MOWO Awards see the light of day ? I dunno. Although you could say it already is, they just don't connect the white origin with the name. I'm getting into territory I don't want to talk about too much though. Nina Simone - absolute legend of a singer. I'll enjoy most of her music and avoid the stuff I don't like.

Sheryl Crow has another Very Best Of (you could call this White Origin!), country and western at its best. This is a great collection of amazing songs, like Everyday Is A Winding Road or There Goes The Neighbourhood.

Harking back a bit are The Eagles with another Very Best Of. There's some really obvious choices here for highlight so I'll pick something different - Take It Easy is my highlight. (Ok - it's a really well known one but I like the message in it !)

I was in a Frankie and Bennys having a dinner and Bobby Vinton was on over the tannoy. Made me think - why don't I have any of this ? So I picked up his collection just for Blue Velvet.

I keep collecting Air albums too, although when they get cheap. They did the soundtrack for The Virgin Suicides. Ok album but you won't miss much by avoiding it.

Coldplay get in here with Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends. Gotta admit, all of Coldplay's music mushes into the next track for me. They're ok to listen to but not really a highlight.

But oh so different - Edie Brickell's Volcano. Another pretty decent album from Edie here, highlights are the title track Volcano and there's a few more here too. An album I enjoy when its turn comes.

There's lots in W so I'll leave that one until later. That's it for now !


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