Sunday, February 01, 2015

A to Z - U is for Ultrasonic

More music !

Coming to the end of these now and I've actually listened to everything in the library now. So - on with the show.

The first few U's are Ultimate Collections. I have a few of these, from Barbara Streisand, Bob Dylan, Elaine Paige and Clannad. All top music. All but Dylan are there for the voice, Clannad have always had a gift of making their music flow with the voice and Dylan's always been about the writing. Oh, there's Prince as well with his own distinct character.

On to the newcomer. Rachel Sermanni is another who I got introduced to via iTunes' Single Of The Week. That time it was Waltz, a magical tune that really shows off that voice, with the album Under Mountains continuing that trend with some lovely songs. Hope she comes out with more.

I've been following Avril Lavigne since her first album. She combines punk attitude with another wonderful voice. Under My Skin is another great album from the Pop Punkster. Highlight for me is How Does It Feel.

I've followed Tori Amos as well since day 1 and her second album is Under The Pink, which is loaded with incredible tracks. There's so many good ones to choose from here but I'll pick out Space Dog for its character.

Oh look ! Another Tori Amos with her latest, Unrepetant Geraldines. This one isn't as good as Under The Pink, releasing so much music has diluted the creative instinct, just a little. My highlight here is Weatherman.

The Verve introduced themselves with Urban Hymns, which is another pretty good one albeit outside what I usually listen to (mainstream again). There's lots of good songs here too, like Sonnet. Bonus - I can sing along to them !

Except not at the moment because the bugs that I was fighting off a couple of weeks ago still have a bit of a hold on my throat.

But that doesn't really affect singing along to the next guys - Guns N Roses brought out a pair of albums called Use Your Illusion. There's some amazing tracks here amongst the stinkers. Still, tracks like November Rain more than make up for the bad ones.

Looks like there's a good few in V, so I'll leave those until next time.

And talking of that - I'm watching another few Outlaw Star episodes now ahead of Superbowl later. I dunno how long I'll stay up for the Superbowl, I have another 240 miles travel to do tomorrow. I have the luxury of a normal start time for that, although I'll look to get to my destination early so I can get some work done there outside of the meeting I'm headed to.

What's Outlaw Star ?

It's an anime sci fi space series. It's fairly old now but it's a credit to the impression it made on first viewing that I remembered it as something special long enough to hunt down my own copy. It stars two lads who are joined by various colourful characters along the way and a rather special space ship.

It's something special. Cya !

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