Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Good film, bad film, dunno what to make of it film

Trying to think what I've watched in the cinema this year.

It does seem a little while ago since the Hobbit 3 was out, I think that's the last film before these three that I watched in the cinema. It was also second date with Little Skye ! That was fun. If a little short lasting because we both had to disappear off places the next morning.

Hopefully I'll see Skye again soon. I miss that bubbly chuckle and I want to explain the joking story earlier. It was a true story honest ! But a bit too worky to put here. It's definitely a story with the potential to make people wonder what on earth I was doing. Muahaha.

Films ?

I've seen 3 in the cinema over the past week or so.

First up - Good film (or at least I thought so !) - Ex Machina. This is about a programmer who wins a competition run by his reclusive megaboss. The prize is to spend a week at the megaboss's retreat. But ... megaboss has an ulterior motice, he has an advanced Artificial Intelligence robot and he wants the programmer to run the Turing Test* on it.

*The Turing Test is about the question of consciousness and self awareness. It has a person talking to a computer, if the person cannot distinguish the computer's responses from a human, the computer passes the Turing Test and can be classed as being sentient.

I enjoyed this movie. I'd like to see it again to see how many little hooks were in there that you'd easily miss the first time round. Ok, there were some major plot hammers that were very obvious on the first viewing but I'm sure there's more subtleties that were missed.

I enjoyed Ex Machina, although it's not for everyone. I'd recommend it, purely as a Make Your Own Mind Up film. It'll make you think, about many things.
Did I mention that the AI was also very pretty and able to convey a certain sense of vulnerability ?

Bad film - that's gotta be Jupiter Ascending. This is a space scifi epic with space ships, mechs, spacebikes, lasers, warpdrives, immortality, machiavellian despots and Mila Kunis trying to have some fun.

It's strange. It has all the ingredients, save one. What's missing is good writing. It's a fantastic film waiting to burst out but is shackled by that terrible writing.

One to avoid, although it's definitely a spectacle. Perhaps one to experience as long as you're not expecting to get anything cerebral out of it. In fact you may even walk out in disgust at the appalling writing and complete absence of coherency in the plot.

But it does have Mila Kunis attempting to have fun. (Must see some more of her stuff, she's a feel good actress).

Dunno what to make of it film ? Has to be Kingsman.

This has an ultra secret service run, of course, by the Brits. Colin Firth is the lead spy, although he's not the boss of the organisation. Nigel Davenport joins in too, as does Mark Strong. But this one's about the boy who gets in trouble and gets taken in by the Kingsman organisation.

Oh and there's a dastardly plot to take over the world, led by Samuel L Jackson (a characiture level performance), ably supported by hit girl assassin Gazelle (played by Sofia Boutella). The hit girl kinda steals the show. She's so graceful and I bet she had a lot of fun playing the part. You can usually tell that with actresses, there's a certain glint in their eye.

So - Kingsman. It's incredibly silly. There's wholly unrealistic toys on show. Some of the jokes are tasteless, some of the effects are truly daft, there are ultra violent scenes, it has an "execution" device which is a bit nasty. But that's the whole point. If it's a match for your sense of humour, you'll find this movie hilarious.

It's a light hearted spy romp.

I thoroughly enjoyed it, although it's not for everyone.

I suspect me enjoying these films is down to me being in up cycles when I saw them. My state of mind has been going up and down like a yoyo. Some days I'm strong, some days I'm weak. If I'm strong, I'll enjoy stuff. I kinda enjoyed Jupiter Ascending despite the writing being so appalling.

So - good film, bad film, dunno what to think film. I kinda enjoyed all 3 for different reasons, despite that writing.

My recommendation ? Make your own mind up. Experience these things for yourself. And, look to enjoy first, critique second.

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