Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy New Year !

Waait ... wasn't that a couple of months ago ?

Not for everyone.

There's a significant proportion of the planet who celebrate the Chinese New Year, it's also known as the Spring Festival. Quite fitting for a celebration to emphasize the starting of new life, which is always something most certainly worth celebrating.

There's lots more here at the wiki page (linky). But that's very dry. Let me first say :
That fella used to be the Happy Mother's Day dwagon (which will come out again soon) and I've been having far too much fun in GIMP sending messages to assorted people using him as a base. I think I've got it about right in this one, letters could be bigger. But they look fairly right. The others suffer from either bad colours or unsuitable fonts.

I do like this one though.

I said that Wiki page was a bit dry didn't I ? SHOUT OUT TIME !

One reason I'm becoming more aware of non-English festivals like these is due to being educated by a wonderful little lady. (Perhaps Cupid's Gift will introduce me to more of these festivals too ?)

I've talked about lovely Kim lots here, you're probably bored of it by now ! Well, bear with me cos her explanation of the festival is way better than anything I could do and Kim's commentary is far warmer than anything on that Wiki page.

Linky !

Go on - have a watch and give it a bit of time because she gets more into the culture later on. I hope you'll enjoy that video for the culture, the fun inherent in that voice and the commentary. There's a mischievous laugh always bubbling away, waiting to burst out and brighten everyone's day.

But ... Kim's not managed to get to be with family this year and is getting a bit lonely. Poor Kim. That can only mean :
(Except I'm not - I'm in need of a shower and a drying out before bedtime - but the thought's there !)

Your fans love you Kim, for your content, your personality, that laugh and the mischievous nature that always has a surprise in store for us.

Happy New Year to everyone who celebrates this particular festival. A lot of the festivals are commercial inventions. I said that at the weekend with Valentines. But this one - it's all about family, ancestors, new life and celebration.

Which is Good. Cya !

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