Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Almost that day again ...


Almost that day when couple and singles alike are united in dread. It's daft that isn't it ? Valentines Day should be about love, unconditional love. Except :

If you're single then you're made to feel broken or otherwise Not Right on this day of all days if you don't have the excuse to treat someone.
If you're a couple, then it's an utter nightmare to find somewhere intimate to have that lovely dinner with your partner.

That's the impression I used to have. It was better to have that quiet night in where you could devote your attention completely to your partner in comfort. If you went out, that intimate dinner would be shared with all and sundry, if you could even get a table.

Besides - it doesn't take it being the calendar pointing to a certain day to mean you need an excuse to make a partner feel special.
I like to think I make people feel special all the time. Well, most of the time. I have that grin of mine which seems to be really contagious, getting people joining in. Especially the ladies. Perhaps that's because it tends to come out most for the Pretty Ladies ?

I dunno - there's something about the beauty that all ladies have which makes me want to see that beauty smiling. And I guess there's an innocence in that grin that brings out that smile.
This year will be a little different.

I have no set plans, for this weekend at least. Part of that is because my legs are currently speaking to me. They're saying that they hope I die a horrible, painful death. Yep. True. They really don't like me at the moment. But I'm ignoring them and keeping on using them. They're a little better on the outsides than yesterday, hopefully that improvement will continue although if I were to expose those legs to the unwary, they'd probably be ill.

Yep. Still looking like I've been dragged through those thornbushes. And the legs may actually be in worse shape on the insides (they're not but they are making me very uncomfortable).

Different this year ?

I'll be texting that little lady with the big personality and the enchanting bubbly chuckle. And I'll be looking forward to Comic Con in March. I have the playlist for the car all ready, there's a tonne of amazing music on it.

(I'm still amazed by how good Untouched is by The Veronicas - that's probably my favourite song now out of the 13,000 in the library, although Song For The Leftovers and any number of other Nina Persson songs competes)

Yep. My personality is still going on those sub-orbital jaunts when it gets a message coming through. That's one advantage of my memory (when it works properly!), I can hear that bubbly chuckle as I read the messages.

I'm rambling now though. I hope people have a good weekend.

I'm hoping for a restful one as I still have a tonne of repairs that I need my body to do so it hates me less. I may end up going out to see a certain film if a Pretty Little Lady comes calling :-) Not quite sure what to make of Fifty Shades. From what I hear, it's a very sexy, kinky tale. However, from what I hear, it crosses a line over into the territory of rape. I don't know how I'd feel if I watched that. It would definitely make me uncomfortable and quite probably make me very angry.

Don't be too tempted by what the commercial people demand you do though. If you love another, you don't need to show that this particular weekend by heading out. Make her feel special every day of the year. This weekend is just something the commercial people dreamed up.

Does that sound smothering ?

Sometimes the greatest gift is time. And that can translate into giving that time to others by being available when they need you. Just being around to chuckle at their jokes. To bounce off what they say with comments. To give them a hug when they're sad. To lend strength when they're weak. To indulge them in their whims.
I hope people have a good weekend, whether they spend it with someone, talking to someone from a distance or even just ignoring that whole commercial construct which is Valentines.

Cya ! Oh ! I will be indulging in another commercial construct coming very soon.
Mini Eggs are awesome.

PS I think I found the message I was searching for - it's not the Day that's special, it's the people. Make every day a valentines day by trying to make people feel special at every opportunity.

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