Sunday, October 07, 2012

Weekend Score - Good 2 : Bad 1

People often ask on a Monday : "How was your weekend ?"

I can give 'em a score this time :-)

Actually, this weekend has been a fair bit of chilling out, punctuated by issues yesterday evening. To start off, the Crazie Boys went to see Looper on Friday evening. I'm honestly not quite sure what I thought of this one. It's another well made and well acted film but scripts that mess about with time can be very mind bending.

Worth seeing ? Hell yeah. Not sure if I'll rush out and buy it the way I did with Avengers Assemble though. (There's no Black Widow in it). Talking of Avengers - I haven't watched that one yet ... Hopefully week after this one I'll be able to take a break from watching recorded stuff and watch a blu-ray or two again.

One good thing about Looper is that it isn't forcing 3d on us. I'd like to see the new Dredd movie but I'm not pandering to 3d for 3d's sake. And ... oh look, the Dredd movie is out of cinemas already. Similar with the new Resident Evil movie, I'll watch that but won't pay the premium in the movie theatres.

What about this Good / Bad thing ?

First score goes to the antibiotics : 1-0 to the good. They've really cleaned up my legs and most of the bad patches on my arms. They're not 100% effective though, there's still repairs to do on my arms and hands. It's getting there. I just have to avoid doing anything to make it worse.

I am going to be smarter this time around though. One reason I think I got reinfected was because I may have come into contact with something that hadn't been washed properly. My washing machine seems to be behaving itself better now (I have proof it works!) so that's hopefully ticked that off. So I'll be more intensive with the housework than I need to be.

Second score goes to the allergies : 1-1. Without really thinking about it, I picked up a packet of Iced Buns in Tesco last week. What are iced buns ? They're white bread with icing ... Nothing wrong with the icing (I hope!) but the white bread part seemed to set me off yesterday. I'm still wheezing a little today after having them for lunch yesterday.

So that's the negative for the weekend, having to cope with compromised breathing for yesterday evening and most of today. It's been no big deal though, it was nowhere near as bad as when I'd been contemplating getting dressed and off to A&E due to almost blacking out on stairs and the breathing not settling enough for me to sleep.

Yep - not as bad as when I was still regularly consuming white bread.

2-1 ? The last score for "Good" is the analysis coming out of the white bread :

No lasting damage ...
It wasn't nearly as bad as it was - so the allergy is cumulative
There was a definite reaction

Trouble with analysis like that is that the mind can make things happen if it wants them to. So while I did have a reaction on Saturday evening, was it because my mind expected a reaction and made it happen ? Or was it true anti-white bread reaction.

But - I got the reaction that I kinda expected, which confirms what I think is a prime cause for this summer's breathing problems and quite possibly breathing problems over my last 3 decades too :-). It's quite possibly why I always had trouble with alcohol too, it might not be the alcohol, it could be what the drink is made from.

Progress is always good. As is being able to take a shower without having to worry about damaging half-healed skin ...

Too much info ? Lol :-) Ick-factor is less than 1% of what it was and I'd consider myself fit for cricket again if the season wasn't finished already. (and it looks like I upset blogger with loose html code !)

Right - time to save the galaxy some more. I started off a full Mass Effect Trilogy run and I'm just about to save the base on Noveria.

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