Friday, October 26, 2012

Skyfall Friday

Saw the new Bond film today :-)

Believe the hype. Instead of being mostly joke as some Bond films have been, there's a seriously good action thriller here. It keeps you guessing as it goes from action sequence to action sequence.

I suspect I'll see something new in it when I watch it again. I'm a Bond film fan but don't actually own many of them (just Casino Royale). I reckon I'll be watching the bluray of this one repeatedly. They've done a good job with this one.

"Too much information" starts here ...

Think my condition is improving. But ever so slowly. I'm not leaking as much :-) I've managed to leave my bad ear alone since Wednesday night, so it must be still healing. The rest of me is similar, although my arms feel like they're on fire at the moment. The skin there is very dry and cracked. But it's healing too and not leaking.

Just gotta look after it and protect it while I'm awake and while I'm sleeping. That's probably something people don't think about ... You move about while you sleep. What happens if you roll over on to an ear that's not happy and damage it ? Will you set the healing back on your limbs because you've unconsciously dragged half healed bits over the bedsheets or the quilt ?

Having to think of things like that so I don't set the healing backwards overnight.

I think I'm doing ok with it. We'll see how it goes over the weekend. Gotta say, the sleeveless cricket top I bought has been a godsend, as wearing that means the sleeves aren't putting that healing back.

There is some definite healing going on, the bits of my legs that originally went bad last year are pretty much back to normal now. It's just other bits of my legs which are having bother.

Think I figured something out today too :

Pizza = good - HURRAH !!!!!
White bread = bad - meh.

I've not reacted to the pizza for early dinner but did start to wheeze after munching the results of the Fryday morning Bacon Sarnie run. I'm learning :-).

I suspect I'll need to see the doctor again soon but - healing is happening. It's just happening slowly and I'm having to try hard to ignore the temptation to go scratchy-scratchy.

Fingers crossed for an easy weekend :-)

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