Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Steps forward, steps back

What's that mean exactly ?

I'm coming to the end of the antibiotics period ... Just 4 more pills (1 day's worth) to go. Still have lots of the cream but I think my body is repairing on its own now.

However ...

I still have the breathing issues (although they've not been as bad as when I made the connection to white bread). And, the broken skin that was originally just on my legs spread to my arms (and other places) as well.

How is it actually doing though ? As well as patches on my legs, I got patches on my arms as well. They're pretty much cleared up, although there's still time to come in finishing off the healing. I'm down to just 3 bad patches that I'm worried about, unfortunately 2 are in visible places ... (under right eye, left ear is a mess). But, the patches are healing on their own now and most parts of my skin are so smooth you'd think I had someone rubbing in the oil. (Sadly not - lol)

Aside - knock at the door ... STUFF ! I had got 200 pages into Lucifer's Hammer by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle but that's being set aside for a while because ... that knock is the Postman with my copy of Hydrogen Sonata, the new Iain M Banks Culture novel. I'll enjoy that one :-)

Yep. Been reading again. After 10 hours fighting the aliens, I've not gone back in. I've played one or two other games since but to be honest, games aren't really satisfying the Do Something itch right now. And I've since finished off Firefox (seen the film a bunch of times, read the book twice now) and got the 200 pages into Lucifer's Hammer. I left the Niven/Pournelle novel last night right as things are set to kick off with a comet about to make a mess of Planet Earth.

But back to healthy stuff.

I know I'm allergic to at least one thing in my diet. I suspect I was on to something with the wheat allergy. I think the trigger for my skin to get smoother was stopping the white bread. But it's not just the white bread which I'm allergic to. If it was, my breathing would have cleared up. It hasn't.

So then the mind goes to "why has my breathing worsened over the last few months ?" And that's about when the new diet started. What's the components ?

Orange juice - this has been in the diet steadily as a prime cause of Vitamin C. I've been having half a litre a day since starting again.
Apples - started after a little while. I'm on one or two a day.
Lettuce - with the sandwiches at work and occasionally at home.
MultiVitamin pills - as a baseline

I can eliminate the lettuce, as I've not had any since Thursday last week and I'm still wheezing. Hopefully it's not the apples or the multivitamin pills. Although I'm not sure there's much in multivitamins to trigger allergies. That puts the suspicion on the orange juice ... And going Internet Doctor again :

The tummy symptoms don't match but nasal congestion, angioedema, itching in throat & palate, skin rash, wheezing & difficult breathing and cough all do. Before the diet shift, the problem was just restricted to my legs. Now, it's general hypersensitivity all over.

What am I going to do ? I'm going to cut orange juice again for a little while and fall back on those multivitamins to provide that baseline part of the diet. If that doesn't work, I'll have to cut the apples which will be a shame cos I've been munching those instead of biscuits. Which is far healthier. If it is citrus, I'll find something else to drink to give part of that 5 a day.


What am I doing ?

All this self analysis and Internet Doctoring ? It's taking time away from reading Hydrogen Sonata !!!!


  1. I'm coming up to half way through Hydrogen Sonata. Haven't quite made my mind up yet........

  2. It's an intriguing start ... (I'm at page 153)

    I have a feeling that the start is scene setting for later.


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