Thursday, October 04, 2012

Back on the diet pills

I've not said too much about my health (cos I hide it in case people worry) but ...

As the few of my friends who know I'm struggling with a skin issue have suggested, I've finally gone to see the doctors !

Yep. Finally.

The condition started last year and stopped me playing cricket for the second half of last season. At the time, I thought it was an ulceration on my legs partly caused by damage they've had over the years. And with a bit of research, ulceration is something that takes a long time to heal ...

The doctor fix back then was antibiotic pills and cream and for a while, they helped a lot. The damage was healing up (slowly) and was repaired enough to just about let me play a few games of cricket this summer. But ... it suddenly reversed and over about 1 week, the patches were back and about as bad as before.

Hence - change of diet.

Green stuff, half a litre of orange juice a day and backing that up with multivitamin supplements. That seemed to help too, as it stopped the damage getting worse. Trouble is, an infection had got back in and bad patches had spread to my arms and upper left leg. (Self inflicted ...)

So - I did a bit more Deep Thought and identified a few things that might have been causing the problem - I may have to cut wheat out of the diet entirely as I suspect that's what the cause was. I've gone back to just brown bread at work, brown bread toast at home (for as long as the butter lasts) and I've cut out the lazy fat sarnies I'd occasionally have as a dinner.

Anyway - I could no longer ignore it and bit the bullet and headed off to the doctor's this lunchtime. (Why is it I always get the slow doctor ? lol)

Result - diet pills and antibiotic cream again. It was what I expected and I'm happy with what I've come away with.

Fingers crossed it makes the damage go away :-)

PS They're not really diet pills, they're antibiotics but the condition last time was 2 hours after food and 1 hour before food, 4 times a day. That's 4x 3 hour no food gaps per day. No snacking !

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