Saturday, October 06, 2012

Prep, planning, pills

One of the regular things I've been watching lately is Doomsday Preppers.

Not sure if I'll keep watching it cos, to be brutally honest, it's not that great. But I'm keeping going with it for now. Plus there's nothing clashing with it (unlike Thursday when everything is on !)

I've always been curious about how things work. I've also always been drawn to disaster scenario stuff, movies like Armageddon (I watched Deep Impact again this week). Something I'm going to read again sometime (not reading much at the moment) is Lucifer's Hammer, a novel by Larry Niven & Jerry Pournelle, where a whopping great asteroid says hello to Planet Earth.

While it's not that great a series, it does open your eyes to stuff you'd have to think about if Bad Things did happen. Stuff we take for granted won't be available any more. Things like power, fresh water, food, possibly even sunlight, health services and definitely communications. Combine that with a high likelihood of crazy people randomly going around trying to get everything left for themselves and you get a scary situation.

Not sure if America would be safer or not so safe, they have a scary attitude to lethal weapons over there to the point where if there was no Police backup you would have to have an arsenal of weapons available just to defend your stuff from the crazy people who would have their own arsenal. But then again, the Preppers have access to unbelievable amounts of space over there.

But that's (almost!) enough about a not great TV series. Except for a mention of one guy from the first episode. He was a herbalist who had the knowledge to get what he needed from the land, including food, material and medicine.

That last is the most curious item. The pills I'm on at the moment have already had a spectacular effect, ick-factor is now 1% of what it was 2 days ago. Awesome. Damage isn't repaired yet but the big patches look a bit less angry with me. But ... I'll be happier when those patches start to reduce in size and I do need to stop attacking them ;-).

Oh where was I ? Pills + Herbalism - there should be something out there that I should be able to add in as a mild anti-inflammatory in lieu of anti-biotics that may help with the health in general. Herbalist guy was picking up leaves with salicilic acid, which is aspirin. Natural remedies or medicines are all over the place, you just have to know where to look and what to avoid ...

Planning ?

Apart from the Doomsday stuff, which I'll be ignoring in case scary stuff really does look as if it might start up ... I'm having to plan timings ...

This dose of pills have a particularly confusing set of instructions on when to take them :
"take ONE CAPSULE FOUR times a day" - fine, no confusion there
"Space the doses evenly 60 minutes before food" - ok
"or on an empty stomach" - wth does that mean ? lol
I'm going by the instructions on the last course of antibiotics (same pills, same dosage), which said to leave 2 hours after food instead of that meaningless "or" and "empty stomach" thing. What it means is planning, ideally :

6am, 12 noon, 6pm, midnight.

Apart from the early one, that works well with my daily cycle. I can leave lunch and dinner until 1pm or after 7pm. It actually works pretty well for dieting discipline, as it gets you in the habit of following a 3 munchies a day cycle with much less snacking.

Today it's gone a bit weird - I didn't get moving today until 9.30am (late night + disrupted sleep) so it's 9.30am pill, 2pm pill (4.5 hours) and the next pill to come at 7pm for an 8 o'clock dinner and then the last one at around midnight.

What that really means is : I'm starving !!!! I had a minimal breakfast and it's just turned 3pm. I can snack again :-)

I wonder - biscuits or apple ?

PS I should probably avoid the iced buns in the cupboard. Although it would test the white bread allergy thing - lol.
PS2 Another effect of pills - I have bony ankles again ! Yes I know. Small things and impressions and all that.

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