Wednesday, October 31, 2012

And to the doctor's again ...

Yep. After having yes/no's last night, I paid them a visit today.

Doctor's worried too ... She got me to make a repeat appointment in a fortnight. Gotta say, I was worried too after what the legs were looking like this morning (I'm saying nothing here in case people are reading in lunch break).

Result ?

More pills, even more pills, more cream and ... even more cream. And I need to be using the moisturiser more too.

It seems to be having an effect already though :-)

I've had a bunch of the pills, used the cream once, had a shower and ... my legs still look very angry with me (they deserve to to be honest) but my arms look improved already. Fingers crossed that I improve over the next few days, at least enough to wear long sleeves ?

Why long sleeves do I hear you ask ?

Normally at the weekend, at the moment at least, I'd be hibernating inside trying to take it easy cos of this skin thing. This weekend ?


It's birthday season at the moment. Bionicdwarf's was last week, Craziequeen's is in a few days and mine's in a fortnight. Mine means cakes for people at work on the Monday or Wednesday, I can't bring them in on my actual birthday because that's when the next doctor appointment is.

We're celebrating by making lots of things explode over the weekend. I have the presents wrapped but still need to acquire the fun stuff. Setting off the loud bangs involves being outside though, hence hoping to be able to wear those long sleeves so I don't completely freeze.

Oh it also means Pizza. YEY !

PS I've also had to activate word verification for comments, which is a huge shame. Over the past couple of days, someone's been trying to sell stuff by slamming lots of spam comments in. I won't tolerate that and neither will Google (they canned the first account before I could report it). But they appear to be able to get around Google's spam detection (dunno how, the comments have been near identical). If I have to enable comment moderation, this will be why.

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