Saturday, February 08, 2014

Snowboarding looks fun

Currently sitting watching the Winter Olympics.

I'm a little behind, iplayer lets me delay the live stuff by 2 hours which fits in very nicely with someone who's trying to get as much benefit from sleep as possible at the moment (still catching up). I'm currently halfway through the second run of the Snowboard Slopestyle. It's where riders go down a course set up to let them show off their tricks.

It looks like a lot of fun. And with the riders regularly coming back superquick after broken bones, they must find it a lot of fun too.

I'm curious. Although with the car arriving, it'll be a while or a lottery win before I can think about indulging in it.

Talking of indulging ...

Thursday saw two leaving runs at work. We had the team leader from my previous project (same team, I've just parachuted out of it) and the leaving run for one of our Finance Angels. You're probably guessing straight away that I'm in the doghouse with the previous project team because I went to the leaving run with the Pretty Lady in it.

We're going to be struggling for Finance Angels soon. One disappeared across to Dubai (I missed the leaving run due to feeling too grotty!), one will disappear soon for another kiddie (she is the original Finance Angel) and we lost the Naughty Angel to a different project yesterday.

She'll be missed. It's the intelligent, competent, smart ones that tend to catch my eye. It does help (a Lot) to have a bit of stunningly gorgeous in there too.

Actually - I think awareness of how they look is in there too. I'll (stealthily) mention 4 there :
The Little Pixie who thinks she's too short.
The Grieving Pixie who's just lost a four legged member of the family. (thinking of you !)
The Struggling Queen who's battling the black dog demons again.
And the Angel who thinks she's too thin.
(there are more too but I've not had any coffee today so my memory is in slow-mode)

Ladies - you may not think it but everyone you know holds the firm belief that you are utterly, absolutely, spectacularly gorgeous.

But it's not just that - it's the personality too. A few too many mar their beauty by attitudes like "Do Not Approach, I'm Far Better Than You." (you know what I mean !). Others enhance it by personality. Some will even amplify it by responding to the grinning idiot (me!) with a dazzling smile of their own.

I enjoyed Thursday night. When the early leavers departed, we had 4 blokes and the Finance Angel. By the end of the night, our minds were totally, utterly blown. It was fun. I think the only one to escape with sanity intact was our angel. I hope she had a lot of fun too, although I know she missed out on one of her aims - lol :-).

But I'm not saying anything more, outside of that little teaser there.

It's the first leaving run I've been on for a while. The skin problem has had a big effect on my desire to go out and even when I do, I've been hiding the effects under clothes that don't show them.

However, I'm very glad I went on this one. Town was dead but our little group provided all the life you could need. Even if we didn't visit one particular place we were talking about going to ;-).

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