Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Out for lunch

And a meeting. But mostly for the meeting.

Oh my, I've gone off on that tangent already. You don't go to the southern offices for the lunches, they're not terrible but they're not particularly palatable either. Especially if you don't go in for the big "this could be a dinner" meal they do down there. (The type that would need you to run round the block to get rid of the calories).

Meeting aside, it was a chance to talk to a few people in that office and above all, a chance to take the new Shiny on an extended run. It's 120 miles there, 120 miles back so that's a really good shakedown distance.

While I go to the various meetings and bring back all the actions ... and report in what I know (which tends to be a lot ... and not enough), the most valuable stuff I do with work is to keep other people talking. I'll work behind the scenes keeping the communication channels going. That may surprise a few people, as word got round that my communications aren't great. That's true, up to a point. I don't like to use the phone as emails do the job much better. (Although people tend to ignore emails if it's not convenient). Travel to other offices takes cash, which honestly ? I'm happy to claim the expenses but it's not my money so I have to justify it to myself by asking if that travel is strictly necessary.

But when I do travel, I'll get the value out of it.

Like today, where I got the other side of the opinion about a meeting last month which I'd have been running if I hadn't been relieved (happy to be) and moved on to something different. One of the girls in the southern office gave the new guy a hard time, which could have been avoided ... should have been avoided by the questions being anticipated. I'd anticipated them, I'd offered to come along as a kind of Bridge person and I'd have drawn the fire.

Upshot is - someone got the wrong message (actually a few people), by chatting it over with them I've kept them onside and we'll have their cooperation going forward. The alternative is they get grumpy and give their priority to other business.

What makes this episode really funny for me is what I said to the new guy about the lady asking the questions :
"So ... ... was there and involved ? That's great, she's enthusiastic, keen and asks all the right questions."
Lol - little did I realise that all those right questions were putting the new guy on the spot. Muahaha. Shoulda taken me along to draw their fire. I'd have enjoyed getting involved and getting things started again. The questions came from us having to go dark and restrict the flow of information, lest the people we'd bring in to do contract work got upset.

Talking of communications. I'm kinda disappointed. I put nice messages in my last post about 4 special ladies ! And none of them (to my knowledge) have read them ! I've even told 3 of them about the messages. One is someone I was hoping would join the Facebook friends but I think she's still running away after seeing the Facebook friend request.

I seem to have that effect on people and I'm really confused as to why. I suspect it's the whole Women Like Nasty Boys thing. I may be a little too Nice. I'm actually curious to how I'd reply if one of them turned around and actually asked if I accompany her to something. I've had a lot of being ignored and assorted other rudeness from a particular person. She is a special person but how far does being awesome on a good day excuse the rudeness on the other days ?

But enough of that. That's negative stuff, which Mad Pete hates.

I'm genuinely and steadily improving. I'm in much better shape outside than I was this time last year. I'm already thinking I'll be playing cricket this summer. Last year, I didn't think I'd be playing even 1 month before the season. There's still healing to do ... and a few awkward spots remaining too. But I'm very hopeful it'll clear up before the summer.

I still need to go back to the doctor's. I need an allergy test to confirm or clear the various things I'm suspicious of. I've developed a taste for Sherbet Lemons again ... but might be allergic. I used to use Galaxy Minstrels as car food, the chocolate combined with the shells kept my awareness hopped up while driving plus they are convenient to munch. No wrappers, no melting in the fingers, no dust. But I think they triggered reactions. I've tried them again, which was a bit of a shame actually, I wasn't hungry enough to demolish them ...

But I think that's enough for today. I was going to have a natter about the car. Which was awesome. It has the power to cruise at 70mph with no effort. Mpg's were up to 45 (they're a bit low - new car effect) and they're still trending upwards. I'm hoping it goes to 50 again, which is an impressive demonstration of what the technology can do. Because while it's sipping the petrol at 50mpg, it's still a 220bhp beast.

So - today :
Meeting - bit meh. But necessary as they always are.
Networking - very useful. And a chance to talk to the Logistics Lady, keep that very useful person on side and ... make her look good in front of the bosses. I think she's going to be one of those people who's going to be instrumental not just now but in 5-10 years when she's in charge of what I'm looking to deliver.
Car - awesome. In every way.
Conditions - scary. I drove through something that felt about 1 or 2 degrees off being blizzard conditions ...

It is good to get let out of the office once in a while.

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