Monday, February 24, 2014

Insert Title Here

Haha - I have stuff I can write about ... and no clue on what title to put on it.

Ok. That's actually not quite right. I've usually got about 5 different threads rattling around the marbles and I either can't remember them when it comes time to tappy-scribble or they're things that have no business hitting da interwebs.

There's a few posts that I started that never got posted here. You'll understand why, here's a few from the Drafts folder :

Build your own ... Starship ? This was a treatise on a real size NCC1701 Enterprise that someone was thinking of building in the near future. So I dismantled what they were looking to build and it ended up as a boring Wall Of Text Monster.

And there's a few more too. I think I was writing something on orbital mechanics (I blame the Kerbals !) which is another post that got a mercy killing. Other's get whack-a-moled because I really don't like the way they're going.

Hmm. What way is this one going ... Nobody knows ... Not even me !

Here we go :
It's been a good day for smiles today. I've had a few smiles directed my way but two stand out most of all :

The HUGE smile from the Little Person. A teacake can be a great way to start the day but if the teacake run is timed (no planning or intel - honest!) to coincide with this particular Little Lady coming back ? I have no words to describe the awesomeness of that.

And there's another not-as-little (still little) lady in our team who has the most wonderful smile too, when you can get her to show it. It's always there, just under the surface waiting to break out but I don't believe she thinks it's right to look at people at their desks on her way past.

Even if they're doing the Meerkat Silly Grin thing looking up at them hoping for that smile to erupt.

The infectious silly grin is another sign that Mad Pete is still doing his thing. I flip between a manic side and a depressive side. Mad Pete is the manic side and I think it's fun to be in that state. It's definitely a better state to be in than the depressive side. Trouble is, the rash and brash side of it can be difficult for others to cope with.
Is it healthy to be talking about 2 sides of a personality like that ? I think it is. We are who we are, we should own that. Everybody has flaws. The best thing is to acknowledge the flaws, the worst thing is to pretend that they're not there. If they're acknowledged, that's the first step to figuring out how to manage them.

For me, just a few of them are :
The Mad Pete tendency - enjoying the ride while hoping I don't upset people
Missing out the working - I tend to rush-think straight through to the conclusion, which leaves everyone else hopelessly clueless as to the logic that led to it. I'm steadily learning to deal with that.
Depressive - this is ok, I just tend to hide. But ... it can get me thinking the world is out to get me.
(Not healthy, in my experience, the world tends not to care enough to expend effort in "getting you")
Indestructible - people never seem to see when I'm hurting, need a friend or otherwise struggling
Smiler - I like it when the grin gets another victim, cheers us both up. But I think it freaks a few people out.

I'll close with another one grabbed from the legendary Thumper's archives :
I've forgotten when I last had pizza. Which means it's time. Yeah, the cheese will upset my tummy but. It's pizza. It's worth it.

Ok ! One more. Cos I think she needs it :


  1. Pete said: Is it healthy to be talking about 2 sides of a personality like that ?

    You only have 2 or just 2 worth mentioning? I have at least 12 that I know of.... [grin]

    Oh, and the Inner Geek thing - first thing I noticed was the mistake which kinda distracted from the message.... [lol]

    Shouldn't it be TOO much and not TO much?

  2. 2 sides - definitely. The more interesting people are the more complex ones. The ones who will surprise you.

    Lol - just spotted that error as well. Oops.


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