Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Gonna Buy A Hat

... Cos I think it's gonna rain.

I don't listen to much Chris Rea but that's one of his good ones. (Obligatory link here!). Actually, I'm not going to buy a hat, got plenty of those. Gonna buy a coat instead. I know which one I'll get but the typical procrastination means it's still on the shelf. Hmm, well, not actually procrastination cos I've not seen the right size yet.

That's not the coat I actually want to buy though. Nope. I want this one :
That pic is a render done by a fairly random person but the character and the look comes from Deus Ex Human Revolution, which I'd thoroughly recommend if you're into games like it. It ticks all the boxes. I've finished it maybe 4 times so far. And I've not been that much into games in recent years. (But ... don't buy it yet, wait for the sales and you'll get it for pennies).

Cool coat huh ? Could do with a hood to be honest.

You can buy it too. Here's the link. The "Me Want" is definitely firing on that one. The "Me Need", however, is not. A cool coat it may be but it won't keep my head dry. I'll go to Tesco instead.

(This one however ... does have a hood. Interesting. HIDE MY WALLET ! TAKE IT AWAY !)

All this rain hitting us at the moment. I like watching disaster movies. The setup of the scenario they play through piques my interest, as does how they deal with the aftermath. But those are on the small screen. They couldn't possibly happen in real life.

Could they ?

It feels like we're getting close to living in a disaster movie at the moment. Climate is getting more extreme. Wide areas of southern England are flooding. The extreme south west is cut off from rail travel. Tonight, events are being called off and trains cancelled due to the high winds.

It's feeling properly epic. And not in an enjoyable way.

Natural disasters seem to be getting more common and there doesn't seem that much we can do to mitigate them. There's flooding even in areas that would have been predicted totally safe. (I'm ok here, at the moment). The weather here's been like a meteor dropped in the ocean, has thrown all the water in the air and it's now coming down on us.

The world is steadily getting to be a more hostile place. It's probably upset that we're abusing it the way we have been. The answer would be to make an island somewhere else. A community disconnected from potential catastrophe on Earth. The Moon is one option, it's close enough that supplies can be sent up there. Mars is better, although the travel there is probably lethal for people at our current technology.

I'd be very interested in signing up for a Moon or Mars colony endeavour. It's new territory and therefore highly interesting. It's frontier and therefore not as safe or cushioned as life usually is in England. You make it up as you go, because you can't nip down to Novatech if something breaks. You rely on your initiative, which is something that is me with my tendency to improvise and come up with mad solutions.

But at the moment, no one is looking at setting up a Moon colony and the proposed privately organised Mars colony looks suicidal. We need practical shielding to stave off the solar wind radiation before sending people to Mars becomes feasible.

That's way off in the future though. In the meantime I'm :

Keeping an eye on the news for the latest about the flooding;
Hoping there's a respite from natural disasters occurring in other parts of the globe;
And being glad I have a heavier car (even if it was catching the wind a bit)

I'll get me coat. (Literally!)

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