Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Travel ... lots of it

Well - maybe not as much as that but :

Weekend - off to see my mum and dad for Father's Day. My sister and I don't tend to get back there too much so it's good to pay a visit occasionally. Lol - only occasionally because I like my freedom to have the music going, random stuff on telly and videos/games on the PCs.

Oh and there's also the tendency to break out into song as I join in with something that's come over iTunes. I don't tend to do that when there's other people around. (Except if there are Hot Swedish Girls on Mumble). Actually, I think it's one thing that may have contributed (in a small way) to my last relationship breakup. The songs I tended to join in on where the heartbreak type theme songs. Oops.

Anyway - it's All About Eve's Are You Lonely at the moment and yesterday I nearly made someone start screaming when Goldfrapp's Head First started on the iPod. I won't be doing the singing thing that much tonight, for the next couple of hours at least I can only see a couple of Seal songs in the queue as being potential sing-a-longs.

Yep - Father's Day run last weekend. They're still worried about me because they see some of the signs of my skin condition that I can't hide from them like I do everyone else. It is improving - but very slowly and I have to be very careful as to not set that healing back.

But I don't want to dwell on my skin condition. If I do, I'll unconsciously drive myself to "helping" it more ... Which is bad.

Talking of travelling - the parents thought the Spa Grand Prix trip has potential. Although they'd want to stay a bit longer than just the weekend. I would too, although I have in my mind the 5 day return limit on some Eurotunnel tickets. It's quite an expensive trip too with the whole weekend costing at least £800 per person.

We shall see.

Outside of travelling - it's summer. Which means :

Summer dresses. Yey !
Also means summer sales. have one started already for old games. If there's some classics that you miss because they don't run on modern PCs, check out It stands for Good Old Games and what they do is take old games (some from the DOS days) and make them run on current hardware. Sometimes it's not so old games too. The Witcher 2 is on there, as is Don't Starve.

And I'm now thinking of those summer dresses again and maybe revising a plan for the rest of the week. Plan A was to bring my work laptop in on Friday because they like us to connect them directly to the works network occasionally. And on Friday, I'd have the car. However ... it means I'm not supposed to leave the laptop in the car unattended, which would put a dampener on the potential of a trip into town or the Mall.

I think I may do the laptop thing tomorrow instead by lugging the laptop on the bus with me. Not ideal but still feasible. We shall see. (I'll do it Friday because rain is predicted and it will scare those summer dresses away).

Oh - more travelling. Yesterday was what's becoming an annual pilgrimage to :
That's Lords from the top of the Edrich stand, looking at the pavilion. And that's from one of the rare moments where shadows were sighted ...

It was a good day's cricket yesterday, although the standard wasn't as high as you'd like. Sloppy fielding and batting that got strangled easily meant the games weren't that close and therefore weren't as exciting.

Cricket in the sun can be a good chilled out day in the fresh air. I'm thinking of watching a few more games, possibly at Worcester's ground. Taunton for Somerset is the wrong side of Bristol so there's a huge chance of getting caught up in the motorway traffic.

Anyway - T20 county cricket at Worcester - anyone local interested in chilling out at the cricket ?

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