Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Caught by quote

One of the most famous quotes of the Twentieth Century went something like this :

"We will go to the Moon. We will go to the Moon in this decade or the next and do the other thing. Not because it is easy, because it is hard."

It goes something like that. It's JFK challenging a nation to achieve the near impossible. They threw money and people at it and ... succeeded.

That quote came to mind today ... Although if I wait until the end of this decade before getting a screenshot of one of my Kerbals on the Mun, that'll be a bit sad. Either that or :

I'll have dived into Jack Campbell's latest book;
Steam's summer sale will have broken out;
I'll have been dragged into more games of cricket;
(at the moment - screaming ... see below)
Cricket on the telly will have drawn my attention
Or I'll have been bopped on the head by one of the girls on the bus and dragged off to a girlcave.

Only one of the bits above is pure fantasy. Although I'm sure one of them was watching me very closely this morning.

I've had an initial look at the latest from Jack Campbell but I've not been reading much lately. Will have to change that. It's another in the long series of Lost Fleet science fiction books. I actually have a bunch of books I've not read yet plus I'd like to run through the Deus Ex storyline :

Deus Ex Human Revolution - set in 2027 and is the third game in the series
Deus Ex - the original game, set in the 2050s
We don't talk about the second game. Or the fourth apparently (it's not out yet and is going to take the series to iOS - tragedy waiting to happen).

Yep - first Deus Ex is supposed to have an excellent storyline and it's one game I missed out on first time around. However ... Steam's summer sale is just around the corner ... My wallet is trembling (in fear) with anticipation. I don't think I'll buy too much but I do like seeing what the latest offer is going to be.

Cricket - there were 4 games planned this week across the two teams. We're down to just one now due to not enough players for one team and the ground being double booked. Thursday's game happily has enough players already.

My skin is "ok" but I'm still suffering from the damage I took to my thumb in the last game. I can use it (although I wouldn't want to write for long) but I'd actually admit to having pain from it. It hurts to open Kitkats !!!! Having a bit of time away from the cricket will help my legs get tougher. The healing is getting there, although I have to be very careful that I don't damage it even more.

Not screaming - but definitely ouchies. Disappointing because there's been no bruising to show off but not bad enough that it would have kept me out of a game this week if they'd needed me.

Lots of stuff on the telly at the moment too - I've been keeping an eye on the ICC Champions Trophy (cricket). It's been interesting because there's no idea before each game as to who is going to win. India are looking scarily strong though, I suspect they'll win the tournament. Hopefully England won't let us down although their first-up batsmen don't really have the inspiration to drive us to big scores.

And - I've run out of videos to watch on the Youtube circulation. Time to see about putting a Kerbal on the Mun !

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