Thursday, June 27, 2013

Feel good songs

This post is dedicated to all those people who are struggling right now. I know a few of them personally. They're hurting so much that they don't realise that if they just look up, they'll see a helping hand waiting to pick them up and envelop them into a healing hug.

Hell, I've been struggling so much lately I'd have appreciated one of those massive hugs. Like on Tuesday where I thought I was heading back into yet another relapse. I've improved back again now, which has actually surprised me.

I can't give that big hug over the interwebs though. Hopefully I can do the next best thing though by attempting to cheer up a few of those people through ...

It's the return of the music link posts !!!! :-) I do enjoy doing these, although I suspect it takes me more time to do them than the cumulative time spent reading them.

Starting off - I've been feeling especially broken lately. Hopefully I won't be totally a lost cause When I'm Sixty Four.

It's not going to be a summer holiday (more like Autumn) but we just had confirmed a bit of holiday time, which I'm looking forward to already. (And I'll just confirm right here and now, there is no Cliff Richard in my iTunes library. It is a Cliff-free zone. Although it does have an excellent cover of Devil Woman in it).

This one probably sums me right me up. I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Yep. True. That darn dust pan and brush is hiding from me somewhere ... (dropped something the other day and needed to pick up every crumb instead of being able to do it the easy way !)

Plan A tonight was to go out on the town to party with one of the Finance Angels who is moving abroad. But I was feeling too old and broken to come along. So Plan B - watch the cricket. Doh ! Rain intervened. I was going to link Summer Son to banish that rain but ... I've linked that before and Halo is more appropriate word for our Finance Angel.

Finance Angel's reaction ? Disbelief that I was 38 and therefore justifying a bit of that "I'm old" feeling :-) Perhaps I haven't grown up way too fast and my Hourglass still has lots to go. That's a Mindy Gledhill link, really looking forward to her next album. And I have a signed by Mindy picture too :-)

And talking of something I'm looking forward to, here's one from Goldfrapp who have a new album coming soon. This is the one which nearly got me in trouble on the bus last week when I nearly went Head First joining in.

I'm hoping that someone in particular is still reading, this one's for you ! Shame I can't pull out those Moves Like Jagger as much now but if the right person is around to smile at me, you never know :-)

It's not the overt things that matter though, it's the little things, the Incidentals. (Yeah - I've linked that one tonnes of times but every time I hear it, it reminds me how good Alisha's Attic could be)

And while I'm in the A's, this can be a hard life but there's a bunch of people I know who I could honestly say this to : "You Make It Easy"

To close out, I'm thinking about heading into Bristol centre again tomorrow afternoon. I wonder if I'll find another Caro Emerald* when I chill out in one of the coffee shops ?
*(would need to be someone who can cope with a 2 left footed person)

Maybe I'll run in to someone I know again ? That seems to be happening a lot lately. But it won't happen if I keep hiding away.

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