Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The ABCs

I have that feeling of wanting to write something tonight but ... the heatwave we're having in Blighty at the moment is driving away most rational thought.

There are plenty of irrational thoughts happening (as a few people found out over the messenger service today !) and I think I managed to reserve some sensibility for the work stuff. Some at least.
I think someone's done that in the sky. It's darn toasty out there. Even toastier on the bus which is a bit like an oven at the moment.

ABCs ? I saw this one late last week on the Facebook and I can never resist a good meme like this. The answers won't all be the same as then but ... here we go !

A- Age: 6. Oh wait, you wanted my physical age and not the mental age ?
B- Biggest Fear: Isolation and being ignored. That sense of reaching out to people and not getting any response.
C- Current Time: 20.11 UK British (it's actually) Summer Time.
D- Drink you last had: Diet Pepsi with TONNES of ice. And no Mentos this time.
E- Easiest Person To Talk to: Everyone. For an introvert, I seem to be able to get people talking quite easily, although I do have a bad habit of turning the conversation round to focus on me. It should be about both.
F- Favourite Song: There's lots but the one that's stuck in my head for a few days is Dear Prudence from Across The Universe but that's because I'd not heard I Wanna Hold Your Hand for a while. There's also 03.45am No Sleep by The Cardigans, Cupid's Gift got treated to Wonderful You by Alisha's Attic and then there's Moon and Moon by Bat For Lashes.
G- Grossest Memory: My outsides for perhaps the last 5 years. They're trying to heal up now though.
H- Hometown: Bristol now but for a long time it was a not so little village in Lincolnshire.
I- In love with: Oh there's a question :-) There's a little lady out there who I hope knows that I really, really like her.
J- Jealous Of: Such a petty emotion. I try and avoid it. You can be jealous of those who have more, those who have what you want, those who have what you had. But ... do you really deserve what they have ? Were you the one to earn it ? I think that's the true root of jealousy. Ok, I'll admit to being jealous to people who have air conditioning in their homes.
K- Killed Someone? Yep. You will never find the body. Or the pixels that made up the body.
L- Longest Relationship: It must have been 15 years with a lovely Muttley called Scruff. Here's the old man again.
M- Middle Name: Bob, short for ... erm, not Kate.
N- Number of Siblings: now 1, it was 2.
O- One Wish: to have 2 siblings again.
P- Person who you last called: I can't remember, last one I messaged was SQ to check if she's ok. Last conversation with a friend was LTK over the messenger. Last phone call was with the boss (cos he's down south today) and last person I phoned was the mum and dad.
Q- Question you're always asked: Hayfever ? After I've blown out the windows by sneezing.
R- Reason to smile: Other people smiling at me and the memory of hugs. Last hug ? Cupid's Gift :-)
S- Song you last sang: Singing along to I Wanna Hold Your Hand.
T- Time you woke up: Hmm. Maybe 7am which was a bit earlier than I wanted to.
U- Underwear Colour: Blue.
V- Vacation Destination: Sometime soon I want to have a narrowboat holiday to check out whether living on one would be a realistic proposition. Also want to go to Le Mans for the race weekend and maybe even Spa for the Grand Prix, although Grand Prix racing isn't particularly great at the moment.
W- Worst Habit: Not doing me chores.
X- X-rays you've had: Several - left wrist was my first broken bone. Can't remember if Nose Job 1 had an X-ray. Barium meal to check out the acid problem (they found nothing, suspected cause - fat + stress)
Y- Your favorite food: PIZZA !!!
Z- Zodiac Sign: Scorpio. They of the sting in the tail.

A few shoutouts to finish with ?

Get well soon little lady who's off work at the moment !
Hello sister - welcome to the blog :-)
A big hand for LTK who's given me so much encouragement over the last few months.
And a big hug for someone who I hope is enjoying her time off in London this week.

Stay frosty ! If you can. And ... if you see anyone suffering from the heat :
Help them out (that includes pets that idiots have left in car-ovens too)

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