Friday, July 10, 2015

Energy ... terminated ?

I feel like I've been hit by the bat which takes all the energy away.

Not quite sure why, perhaps it's after effects of :

All these problems with my outsides;
The long working day on Wednesday (although not nearly as long as some people's were !);
Getting over this cold (the ManFluPlague is still with me although it's going)
Perhaps needing a decent long rest ?
Not sure how much my last week off counted as a rest. I've recovered a fair bit since then and was still suffering somewhat that week. That was a decent week off though for rest.

Let's see -

Outsides are steadily improving. I think it may be possibly just weeks now until I fix, instead of months. However, each time I worry at an imperfection, it'll set the healing back more. And after years of a long term illness, it does get to you. It's a mental strain on top of the physical strain of things just not being Right. It is that much closer though, just need more discipline to get over the finishing line to recovery.

Wednesday was a 13 hour working day (you're not really supposed to do those) with lots of information to assimilate and lots of acting clever to do. We're there to quickly figure out the ramifications of what we're hearing at those meetings and to steer the discussion towards figuring out problems or identifying the problems. And sometimes there's a lot of problems to worry about. (I can't say anything more there ... gotta have my secrets !)

Oh I'm also seen as some sort of expert on acceptance thingys too having lived and breathed it for most of the past 5 years. But that's boring compared to what I did before, which went beyond this but can be summarised as getting multiple highly complicated computer systems to work together. Computers are very literal beasties. They'll do precisely what they're instructed to do. They have no room for interpretation and it's when we assume there's capacity for interpretation of vague and unclear instructions that things go wrong.

I think this bug is almost gone now with it going into the chucking out the dead bugs stages. Perhaps some good sleep over the weekend will see it clear out properly. That's why I'm rather glad I haven't had to go to the more extreme treatments for Psoriasis. It's a condition where the body's immune system goes nuts, so one solution is to suppress that immune system, leaving you more susceptible to colds, flu's and all the other viruses and bacteria out there.

That's something you don't realise about the Psoriasis sufferers, your sniffle may knock them flat for days. See comment about gravity.

I think that's enough whinging for just now though. Good things ?
I had today off work, mainly to avoid the chaos which is Family's Day. It's where we get invaded by all sorts of people who have no business on a secure site. It's a Public Relations exercise, partly for a subset of the people who work there. But what it is is a nightmare for the people trying to get some work done. And we're very busy at the moment.

I got to watch some cricket in the morning, with England doing pretty well in this game against the old enemy, Australia. We might just win this one ...

After the lunch break, I headed into town to ... watch Terminator and drink something Very Cold. The troll up there is a Discworld character called Detritus the Troll. He's wearing a cooling helmet because troll brains work better when cold. And there was me kinda wishing I had a troll brain as my Mint Choc Cooler Thingy was steadily disappearing into me, freezing my brain as it went. I'm becoming a fan of those.

(There is a shop which the pic got raided from but ... I suspect they have nothing to do with Rhianna or Terry Pratchet so ... credit for the pic goes to the fella with the original idea : GNUTerryPratchett)

Terminator ? It's a pretty darn good movie. Most of the Terminator movies have been excellent to be honest. Hopefully you haven't seen the second trailer as it gives a massive plot point away. It borrows some things from the other movies but ... it's free to rewrite the history of the franchise and does a great job of it. However ... it's mixed depending on the performance of the characters :

Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor - tough, cute, driven, sensitive. She does a hell of a job here as Sarah Connor. Very watchable and brings the character to life.
Arnie as the Terminator - supreme. He keeps up with the action and there's the typical dark humour and those lines too. Where did I sit ? "Aisle B, Back". Not really. I was right in the middle in the seats with lots of leg room.
Jason Clarke as John Connor - nah. Doesn't work for me and I don't really know why. Flat, unengaging, not believable, felt a bit phoned in maybe.
Jai Courtney as Kyle Reese - he ain't no Michael Biehn. Even less engaging than Jason Clarke or Sam Worthington's Terminator-With-A-Heart. He was awful in Divergent/Insurgent too but I thought that was mainly the character, turns out it may well be a robot actor.

But that's me talking about something I don't do. I don't act. What you see is what you get, a playful guy who wants to make people laugh, chuckle, snigger or just plain smile.

Smiles are contagious ?

But I'm tired right now, looking forward to a chilled out weekend where I'll be :

Having as much cricket as possible on the desktop (because the desktop handles SkySports way better than iPlayer)
Watching the tennis on the telly. Well, half watching because we have no British interest now. Come on Federer, you may have put our boy out but you're a total artist.
Listening to lots of music.

Yep. Little Boots has a new album out today and I had to get it. She's awesome. Check out Better In The Morning from the new album. Hmm. She's done better but it still has that dainty lady with the pure voice. Taylor Swift's 1969 also escaped with me and I've been steadily listening to Ed Sheerhan's X too after finding it cheap.

Lots of music but there's always room for some classics, like David Bowie's Space Oddity which is random track at play of the moment.

ZZZzz. Better leg it before the sleepies get me.

Enjoy your weekend !


  1. On reflection - as I spent far too much time watching the movie rather than just seeing it - the more I think about it the more I like it. It was what I call a 'knowing' movie, full of self references and there were lots of bits in their just for fans of the series. I lost count of the nods to previous films, the TV series and possibly even the books. I'm also intrigued that the questions left behind. Wonder if they make another? All depends on box office I guess!

  2. Yeah - it was a really good movie from start to finish. Taking a nod to all that had gone before but not going down the (bad) road of being tied by it.

    Take note Alien and Predator franchises ...

    I suspect the box office will suffer as a result of the critical spoiler that was in the second trailer, which would be a massive shame.

  3. I did have a few guesses about that spoiler - all of which were wrong.... [grin] Not exactly sure where they can go with the next one... Although someone really has to figure how to kill software and ideas rather than just blowing buildings/computers up!


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