Sunday, July 12, 2015

Star Trukkin' ... and a meme

With me feeling better after the bugs of last week, I've been indulging in that escape of flying the Internet Spaceships again.

One thing I like about Elite is that you can do all sorts of different things in the game. There are the little ships that zip around the place, there are the tank-in-space combat ships for wrecking all ships that stand before you, there are the absolutely gorgeously designed ships like the Cookie Clipper. There are explorer ships for getting lost in the black and there are the space trucks for moving lots of things and making lots of trading money.

I've just traded in one of my multipurpose ships for :
That's a Lakon Type 9, the biggest freighter in the game. My Sidewinder carried about 8 tonnes of cargo, this beast carries 496 tonnes the way I have it set up at the moment. But ... it's also the slowest, heaviest, most sluggardly ship in the game. I put a call out for ship names last night and ... it may get called "The Drugged Sloth". This thing doesn't turn, it orbits.

That's another advantage of the game. There are 3 pilot ratings, combat, trading and exploration. The Type 9 can make maybe 500,000 credits per run and with 900 million credits to go until the top elite trade rank, that's maybe 1800 runs. I'll get bored way before then and want to do something different, which is where the variety of the game comes in handy. I'll be back in that lovely Python when the situation calls for it or an explorer if the stellar-nav gets fixed.

But enough of the internet spaceships ...

Meme again !

Age: old enough that I need help to count the age, even when counting toes as well as fingers.
Birthdate: Sometime in the middle of November. It's on the Facebook version but not here cos ... internet and identity theft and all that. Still don't know if the fella trying to impersonate me on Twitter had any success (they may have blocked my account, which stops me seeing them).

Crush : What my toes were feeling like over the last few days. Dunno why, can't remember what I kicked ! Oh wait, you mean people don't you ... This is a weird one. There are a few people who have my attention at the moment. A fair few who I enjoy talking to because they are stimulating people. But there is one who has been encouraging me over the past few months, as well as being sounding boards for each other for what goes on at work. I think she's pretty awesome. And there's another with a marvellous bubbly chuckle and a face that's always on the verge of a cheeky smile which lights everything up. I think they're both very special people.

Do I Miss My Last Relationship: No. It was a long sequence of trying to fix someone into what I think she could have been, rather than a partnership of people who are equals but still very different in very interesting ways. A relationship shouldn't be about fixing someone, it should be about drawing strength from each other, from making each other smile and I didn't get much back from the other person the last time around.
Am I The Jealous Type: In the immediate term, yes. I have those emotions like everyone else. But ... there is that question : "Is she happier with someone else ?" If that answer is yes, then it's genuinely better to let them go rather than be trapped in mutual unhappiness. So in the medium and long term, no, the jealousy fades.
Ex I Would Take Back : Neither to be honest. Looking back, both seemed to be with me for what they could get out of me, rather than liking me for me. They weren't the right people for me. But ... there's a little lady I knew in Ireland (a long time ago !). Not really an Ex cos we were kinda too young for that but I'd like to know how she's doing now.
Last Time I Cried: Interstellar. It still got me on the watching of the bluray. There are certain themes of family, duty, abandonment, loss, gain that come together and get me when I'm unawares. Like when Coop gets back from losing so many years and sees his messages.

Favorite Song: Oh my. There are so many but what's playing at the moment is awesome. It's Hannah Peel with her distinctive style playing Song For The Sea. Wonderful song. Wonder if the film will be good too ? There are also the old and new favourites like 03.45am No Sleep by The Cardigans, Apple Tree Man by All About Eve, Laura by Bat For Lashes and The Incidentals by Alisha's Attic. And many more.
Favorite colour: I think blue now. I really liked the colour of my last car - Tardis Blue (actually Ultra blue cos of ... copyright and all that). And it's a calming colour.

I'll go with Red typically in strategy games after the Blood Red Banner, kinda sums up the annihilate all enemies playstyle usually although I can only think of two games now that match that. The first is Shogun Total War which had an "Execute Prisoners" option at the end of battles. Can't remember the gameplay mechanic exactly but I can remember the Squelch ... There's also War Of The Worlds, which had human blood fuelling the Martian machines (just like in the book).

Eye colour: Dunno actually. Think it varies but I believe it's grey ?
Do I believe in love: Yes. Definitely yes. There's that catching of the breath, the quickening of the heart and the involuntary smile that happen when a message from the one you love, when you catch their eye or just happen to see their picture.
Do I give second chances: Yes. I'm a very forgiving person. Any anger will quickly fade. This world is a better place if we forgave and forget and got back to just loving each other. Except politicians.

Am I in love now: Yes :-) With a number of special people. Work people, completely-separate-from-work people, even that girl on the internet who I was following on the videos. But not so much with Kim and Hannah now because they're ... changing somehow. Is fame changing them ?

I'm confused actually. There is one who gives me those goosebumps but I really don't know how she feels about me. I know she thinks I'm a good guy but is it an arms-length thing or would she want to know me better. And then there's another who I think is a very special lady. Who do I give my full attention to ? I'm not used to splitting that attention, it feels disloyal to the one who isn't getting the attention. What I do know is that when that one special lady wins my heart, there will be no more competition for the attention.
Favorite animal: Dogs. So much loyalty and love for their people. A good dog will look after their person. Cats are pretty cool too, if a cat trusts you then that's a sign that you're Good People. And dragons are awesome too.
Favorite book: Heinlein's The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress for its analysis of AI, politics, interplanetary war, people, although Larry Niven's Ringworld series and Lucifer's Hammer are top books too.
Favorite movie: At the moment, Pacific Rim. Very silly, hugely epic scale and with a highly cute and strong in herself leading lady. It'll cheer me up guaranteed for the Big Epic Robots Vs Massive Monsters and there's that soundtrack too.
Favorite Tv Show: Falling Skies at the moment, it keeps evolving itself and has Noah Wyle there giving his magic touch.
Favorite candy: Strawberry Bonbons from Sainsburys. Not had any for a while now ...
Favorite quote: Hmm. Can't think of one but here's an apt one from Heinlein : "Never underestimate the power of human stupidity." And there's also "Don't ever become a pessimist. A pessimist is correct oftener than an optimist but an optimist has far more fun and neither can stop the march of events." Have fun.
Favorite food: PIZZAA !!!!

Favorite drink: Pepsi at the moment. Although I do miss strawberry milkshakes (I don't keep milk in the house now because I don't drink enough of it, plus there's that lactose intolerance problem building) and those Iced Mocha/Mint Choc thingys taking over.

I'll put a copy in the comments for you too. But ... one last pic :
Dogs are awesome.

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