Monday, July 06, 2015

It's the plague !

Or manflu.

Or something equally virulent where I'll get into trouble for bringing into the office where someone will probably catch it and then take several days off work until the symptoms fade. People can be like that.

Not me though. I was feeling ropey this morning but coffee and a teacake started getting me right again. I could start to feel them on Saturday but had the runny nose, ... blocky sinuses and headache resulting from the blocky sinuses coming in Saturday night and most of Sunday. I was below par today but able to ignore most of the symptoms. Probably better actually than when the skin problem was at its worst.

Coffee power ?
Aside - tonight's music listening just started with Bohemian Rhapsody. Great start to the evening's listening. It's now the epic Mad Max soundtrack.

Yeah - so Sunday was a bit of a survival day. What have I been getting up to since Thursday's post ?

Dealing with the Ants Invasion. Great song but not something you want to see in your house. There's the various schools of thought on dealing with ants. Stepping on the buggers didn't seem effective, there seemed to be more of them coming in. Next step - deploy the chemical weapons (Ant powder). And now I'm not seeing ants walking in but did have a bit of an ant graveyard by the front door.

One of the joys of home ownership.

Anyway - I was looking for an excuse to have something cold from a coffee selling place and there happens to be one of those right next door to the place I could get the ant powder from. I had a Mint Choc Chilled Cooler and I think it was freezing my brain into icicles.

Will go back there for more.
My outsides have been improving again. The damage is steadily repairing and where I worry at the bad bits and make them worse, I've got something new which is really helping there. It's Aveeno moisturising cream. The way my body seems to work, Stuff works for a little while then the effectiveness goes away. It hasn't had chance to assimilate the Aveeno yet, so the New Gunk is making my skin happy.

It was a gift/suggestion from Cupid's Gift and I think it may benefit me more than the birthday gifts I got her. I wonder how many biscuit fines she's been able to extract so far for interruptions on coffee breaks ...

It's genuinely helping actually. I'm wondering if I can now measure recovery in weeks rather than months. Some of the damage repairs in days. Other damage takes more time, especially when I self inflict more damage in the cause of IMPERFECTION DESTROY.

But - getting there.

Saturday saw me doing the Space Truckin' thing again with the Internet Spaceships. There was a Community Goal going in Elite where you take metals to an away from civilisation space station. This one hadn't been hit too hard by the players due to it being a bit difficult to find the materials. My Python was able to land at the outposts that sold the metals but the biggest trading ships couldn't. So the big trading people didn't join in so much.

My Python still needs a name :
Not a particularly pretty ship is it ... Too functional, too trapezoidal. "Independent Trading Vessel Brown Trouser Alert". That's for how it docks at the outposts. They've changed the docking computer so that instead of coming in on a fairly sane trajectory, it'll aim the nose straight down at the landing pad, go really quick until the ship is maybe 50m from landing and then pull a high g pitch up maneouvre to line you up on the pad properly. Good job the ship isn't more than 50m long.

It's ok, the docking computer knows what it's doing. I think, although it did get me fined 500k credits for not doing the docking fast enough while I was carrying a huge amount of smokeys. Tobacco is bad for you.

So that was Elite, I've given up on Fallout Shelter because :
I think I have the winning formula now - the food, water, power situation was stable tending to max.
When the population hit 100 out of a possible maximum of 200, performance of the game tanked.
It wasn't fun after knowing I'd beaten it, especially with it being nigh on impossible to control.

So I need to feed the iPad with more games now. The current one is Spellfall, a match 3 game which is funded by microtransactions. Because I refuse to do microtransactions, that means a wait of half an hour between games for the character to heal all the wounds back up again.

Any recommendations ? Tried Candy Crush Saga but ... meh. Boring. The 3x Sorcery games and 80 Days are on my list.

Didn't feel too much like playing games on Sunday - the bugs were having their effect. I think I'm coming out of bugs today though. My chest is still congested but nose is less bad and I can concentrate more. I didn't do the Internet Spaceships much on Sunday cos my head wasn't in it.

But I'm doing better today. Even if I did think I should have a "PLAGUEBEARER" sign around my neck. And curse you Games Workshop for making it tough to find good Plaguebearer funny pics.
If you're well, I hope you don't get sick;
If you're sick, I hope you get well soon.

Cya !

PS From the difficulty levels of one game (Plague Inc) that gave me some amusement :
Brutal - sick people locked up in prison.
Normal - sick people ignored.
Casual - sick people given hugs.
Kinda glad our world is Normal and not Brutal. The only time people really noticed my bugs today was when I did a really loud and long coughing sequence (more like my traditional sneeze). But that Casual world sounds great.

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