Thursday, July 02, 2015

Moar music or ... what is the sister missing ?

Can't believe it's around a month since I did a music post and even that was Eurovision inspired.

Bit tired at the moment and struggling for inspiration (not been sleeping much this week despite trying and the warmth leeches the energy away) but the random neurons have been firing again :

Sister's found the blog after just over 1000 posts and 10 years (with an 18 month gap). It's not that I've been keeping it secret, I just didn't tell anyone in the family. I know, I know, splitting hairs and all that.

She'd also like me to say a little about the two pooches they have there. There's :
Murph, captured there as a totally adorable gangly growing puppy with huge long legs and head attached to an ickle body. There was about to be bacon raining from the sky from my dad (left), hence the attentiveness. It was obvious then he was going to grow into a very handsome fella but he needed a friend. Enter Icey :

I hear that Icey's quite an affectionate pooch with a very active guard dog instinct. It'll be good to meet her some day. And look at Murphster there posing for the camera. "I don't always lounge on their sofa but when I do ..."

One of the things we usually do when we meet up is compare libraries. We share similar music tastes, me and the sister, although it's not identical. More like a big overlap in the middle. So while I like female vocals above most everything else, the big sis will go for people like Muse who I find a bit samey. Yep. Heretic reporting in. We'll often give each other ideas which result in us buying music we wouldn't have thought of getting before. With me, that's been Goldfrapp, Bat For Lashes, KT Tunstall and a few more like that.

But we haven't had chance to do that compare for ages. So the idea - what's she missing out on ? Here's a selection (and I may add in youtube links later after ... tired)

Kacey Musgrave - Same Trailer, Different Park. Interesting voice, nice songs. Not listened to the album proper yet (bit new), highlight is Keep It To Yourself.
Queen - Flash Gordon. Haha, very cheesy film, soundtrack matches it perfectly. One of Queen's best albums.
Zero 7- The Garden. Big sis put me on to these people. You have Sia's vocals, she's an unusual one. It's a fragile voice but so beautiful. Not listened to this album yet and I'm looking forward to it. May pick out a favourite when I do.
Massive Attack - Protection. I've had Unfinished Sympathy for a while which is amazing but have just recently been reminded about these guys by our Snow Queen who posted a link to (what was it ?) I think Teardrop. Soooo gorgeous a track with combination of piano and that ethereal voice.
Massive Attack (again !) - Mezzanine. This one is way better than Protection with Teardrop. I'll keep collecting Massive Attack albums when they get cheap.

Portishead - Third. Not their best, they must have been running out of ideas by this stage. Listenable but not as emotionally cutting as their earlier work.
Melody Gardot - Worrisome Heart. Gorgeous album that's a collection of tracks that work together. Recommended. Highlight is Love Me Like A River Does.
You+Me - Rose Avenue. Not bad, a good recommendation from our BrumPixie but it didn't really grab me that much. Maybe on more listens ?
Lucy Spraggan - We Are. Surprised that this one didn't grab me either after the brilliance that was Join The Club. Too much attention from the non-music people ?
Pretenders - 5 albums ! Lots of good stuff here but to be honest, get their singles collection. You won't miss much from the rest of the albums. And I have to listen to Brass In Pocket again.

Madonna's Rebel Heart didn't really grab me that much either - highlight is Ghost Town. I guess I'm measuring Madonna's albums by the exceptional Confessions On A Dance Floor and Ray Of Light.
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Spellbound. She has a reputation this one but is it deserved ? Not sure.
Plastiscines - About Love and Lp1. About Love has the stellar track Barcelona. It's worth buying just for that :-). Perhaps mediocre outside that.
The Veronicas - The Veronicas (the newest album). Another cracker from the Aussie ladies. Highlights are Let Me Out, Teenage Millionaire and More Like Me but ... I need an excuse to listen to the stunning Untouched again.

We're getting back to March now ... Yep. I've bought a fair bit ! But I try to get all my music cheap :-).

The Clash are an example with their Singles. Think Sainsburys had this for maybe £3. You know the Clash, Rocking that Kasbah.
Ed Sheeran is one I'll keep an eye on. His + album was a great start, hoping for more from X, although I'll wait for that to go cheap again.
The Staves are another group I'm keeping an eye on, their If I Was is still in that best seller selection. And it's a good album too with tracks like Don't You Call Me Any More and Let Me Down.

That's probably enough music for now ! Before I get to the Elvis collection that appeared ...
Or that. But that album appeared in the collection way back and I think the sister has deleted the copy I think I snuck on to her laptop. And then burned the hard disc.

PS Minions film - enjoyable, felt like it was missing something. Possibly judging it by the standards of the outstanding Despicable Me 2. Lots of laughs.

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