Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The 2015 Great Sheep Hunt

That's a title that could bee taken all sorts of ways.

Wrong ways, curious ways, woolly ways ... hungry ways ?

It's an event that I missed out on last time around. The creators of the Wallace and Gromit cartoons, Aardman Animations, hail from the Bristol area and this is the second time they've run an event in aid of local charities. This time, it's children's hospitals.

Here's the link !

The sculptures will bee on show from 6th July to 31st August. Plenty of time to see them if you're in the Bristol area. They'll bee auctioned off after that to help those charities again.

You may have spotted a theme creeping in ...
That's Bee-Dazzled, which is in the centre of the Cribbs Causeway Mall. And ... Oh My God It's Covered In Bees !

I used to play Warcraft with a guild called Covered In Bees. I think they're still going. I wasn't in that guild, my Mercenaries Of Darkness guild raided with them in the earlier days of Warcraft. I think that big Guildlink partnership kept going through the first expansion before falling apart in the face of people wanting to advance through the content. The Bees ended up pulling in their choice of players from the other guilds, which was totally counter to the original ideas of Guildlink. I'd seen what was coming, plus I was very jaded with the whole raiding thing. It was a rocky exit from the Mercs and the Swedish dominated guild, Violence Reborn, took me in. But even there, I was pretty jaded on the whole raiding thing.

But while I'm on that subject, I'd like to pay tribute to 3 special Bees :
Sarai the Overqueen oh how we worship her magnificence. She ran Guildlink and managed to keep having huge amounts of fun with it. Things started going downhill after she started walking away from the game. Groups follow how their leaders are and Sarai was Big Fun. And a bit of mischief too.

There were also Sam (actual character name too long to remember) and Aella. Sam led the raids a lot too and suffered all the frustrations involved. I used to natter to Sam a lot over the whispers and I think that helped him remember the Fun. He did good things. And then there's Suzanne/Aella, who added huge fun, both in messing up and how she was on comms.

I miss those Bees. Those were fun times in gaming and although the exit was rocky at the time, I run into the wife of the Mercs guildmaster I passed on the reins too and have friendly natters and also ran into Souleater a few weeks ago too. He had a sojourn working abroad and he's not long been back. He's a passionate guy (and got affected a beet too much by the gaming mindset) and was one of those angry during the guild breakups. But time passes, people forgive and we're still mates. That's the thing - it's ok to be angry, just try and stay friends. Try not to say stuff you can't take back and don't really mean.

Oh ... bee warned ... there are more bee puns coming. Many more.
That's the Fab-Ewe-Lous sculpture just outside the Mall. As you can see, it was a tad damp tonight ... There was another upstairs in the shop, the Shrek Shaun (no pic).

Tonight wasn't about the start of the Sheep Hunt though. We had a power cut/blip yesterday morning which was the end of my radio alarm. It can still bee-p ... but the minutes button broke quite some time ago. That's pretty baaad when you realise that I set my alarm for half past the hour. Ok, I could have done the engineer's fix of turning it on at half past the hour and just shifting all the times by 30 minutes but ...

I kinda took it apart last night in an effort to fix the rebellious button. It didn't go back together. So I went bee-per hunting tonight to get another alarm clock. The old one has done well, perhaps 25 years plus of service. Can't ask for much more than that.

I'll bee hunting more Sheepies sometime soon. Dunno when, I'll need to arrange some more leave sometime maybe in August and then I can go wandering :-). It'll definitely give me an excuse to do a long overdue Forbidden Planet visit. Good place that. Lots of shiny things.

Time to bee going ? Yep.

Stay beeutiful people. That's all of you reading this, you're my honeys :-) Bee happy. Don't beet me too much in retribution for all the horrifically bad puns.

More puns ?

Keep beelieving, Let It Bee, it's ok to be a Daydream Beeliever. Sting may join you for Bee In The Sahara, Bee clear what situations you get into, bee wary of consequences because bad ones may sting.

And I can hear a buzzing that's starting to get angry ... I'll bee running to the hive now.

Stay sweet my honeys :-)
Definitely a film I'll be looking forward to later in the year, although I doubt that character will be in it. Also looking forward to The Martian, I started reading the book last night and it's a cracker.

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