Sunday, March 01, 2015

Strange thoughts

I had some strange thoughts surface last night in the sawdust that makes up my brain ...
The thoughts were popping up while I was watching England in the cricket. We were doing ok, if not spectacularly in the first half. We were batting and didn't quite get enough runs to put enough pressure on the opposition. In the end, our bowlers were a bit too toothless to get the wickets that would have made the game anywhere near tight.

Strange thoughts ?

Seeing them run around the field and seeing how my arms and legs have improved (and continue to improve now I'm through the course of antibiotics) awoke thoughts of "Maybe I can play again ?"

Yep. I'm really close to being clear enough again to do running around type activities. I dunno how long it is since I've been able to say that.

So those crazy thoughts are starting to come out again. Perhaps I could play again this summer ? I wouldn't want to be a full time player, I'd certainly not be playing in the longer games on the weekends.
The reality of it is though, that I've been past the point where I'm useful on the field. I can still run reasonably quickly (not tried that for a while actually) but my failing reactions are why I have the big doubts. Plus cricket is a much tougher game than it looks, if you slightly misfield, it hurts more than you think.

Case in point today - Herath got his hand to a ball hit back at him really firmly. He got a cut on his bowling finger, may well have broken the finger. That'll be him out of the World Cup if it's broken. My hands and fingers are covered in old injuries caused by slightly getting it wrong while fielding.

I would be forced into getting new glasses, although that's been due for a few years now. And I should really go on a fitness regime to get my body into some kind of condition ready for the season.

I'm nowhere near perfect yet. There's still damage that needs repairing. But ... it is steadily repairing now. Good skin is becoming predominant again and it has that creamy smooth feeling that's going to really annoy my boss when I rub at it next week. Not in a "worry at the damaged bits" rubbing, more an unaccustomed "wow that's smooth" way. Hopefully it continues now that I'm off the antibiotics. Hopefully the nasties have all been cleared out. I still have an absolute tonne of the White Gunk (Fucibet) that has been a major help with sorting out the bad bits.

Coming back to cricket is a very daft thought though. When I tally up the current damage I get :

Sore left calf - it doesn't like the walk in from the bus, especially when it's cold. I suspect more use would help it but there is a little strain there.
Shoulder - bowling is still impossible and it's still stiff. No power throwing for me ...
Hips - still make me want to scream if I move my legs the wrong way.
Back - is still stiff. ALthough I suspect again, if I ran around it would free up.
General tiredness - hopefully this will come good as the days brighten and I catch up on sleep.

So yeah, I have that curious blend of feeling frisky and feeling old. There's that feeling of knowing how much I enjoyed scampering around the closer areas in the cricket and wondering if I could still do a job there.

We'll see.

Cross fingers that the bad stuff stays away this time. It's been a long time coming ...
PS Other news - my hearing's back to perfect again ! Must have had an infection in there that's got sorted out by the antibiotics. Hurrah - means I'll be back to watching movies tonight. Let's see ... Divergent perhaps ahead of Insurgent coming to cinemas ?

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