Monday, March 09, 2015

Keeping it simple

Saw this on the Facebook feed the other day ... had to grab it :
Lots of good lessons there. So far today :

I've called someone up - the weekend Mothers Day trip is arranged. Must get on to the floristy type people too.

I have a mention for a very close friend too there who has had a sudden and unexpected loss - we're here for you. Free hugs on tap, think you need them. Thoughts are with you.

Meeting up - oh noes ! I had a chance to say hello to Cupid's Gift this weekend with a coffee meet up. Sadly I'll be 180 miles away ... But we'll see each other for Comic Con, which should be huge fun.

Wanna Be Understood - I need to do this. We have a few plans at work which I'm responsible for but however much I try, I haven't found the time yet to get them updated properly. That'll happen. Soon. This year hopefully.

Have questions - If you have a question, especially a daft one, make sure to ask it. Especially the daft ones. Half the time, the other people in the meeting have the daft question too but don't want to look daft asking it. The daft thing is when it goes unsaid ... and a timebomb starts ticking.

Don't like something - I don't like being tied into having to take the bus. I don't like having to share the pavement with cyclists who should be on the cyclepath. I don't like that I haven't healed instantly after the antibiotic course (it's coming - steadily ... but there's a lot of damage to repair). I don't like not getting feedback on stuff I do - I've been having far too much fun making dragon messages but don't often get anything saying how they were received. (I think it gets lost in the noise)

I'll keep sending them cos they make me laugh :
Hindsight ? It should have been Wrath Of Lomadia. This was from an impromptu stream from a group of Yogscasters playing Dota2. It started with a game against random people, who had an idiot reboot his PC mid game, which made for a very long pause which incurred the wrath of Hannah. To be feared for sure. There was then a match between two groups of Yogscasters and Yogsfriends. That made excellent viewing, we didn't know who would win ... until the Pretty Ladies Sang. (that'd be Zoey and Hannah).

I hope the dwagon pics make other people laugh too. I'd love it if I got asked for requests.

Like something - the messages from Cupid's Gift. Definitely. Always.
Smiles from Pretty Ladies. Makes my day. Actually, those messages make my day too.
Politeness and courtesy - it costs nothing and makes everything easier.

I feel there's an imbalance here - lots of lines about dislike, not many lines about like. However, I suspect there's enough about like stuff in the dislike bit to make up for it. That's my story - haha.

Want something - got my iPhone battery changed today :-). It was a freebie because my iPhone suffers from a recall problem. That is, hopefully "suffered" and I won't have that battery anxiety problem any more.

Love someone - tell it. This is a tricky one. I hope people reading here have been seeing feelings develop for a Very Special Little Lady who I keep talking about (to demolish confusion, that'd be Cupid's Gift). But I don't want to jinx it. There's a brilliant Cardigans song - For What It's Worth.

I've got a feeling I've not had for a while and I don't want to chase it away by being premature or scare it off by overdoing anything. But at the same time, another little voice is saying "don't be too subtle". And there I go overcomplicating things.

Back to simple - it doesn't stop me from doing a Pause Everything !!! when a Cupid's Gift message comes in. Yep. That'll be me with the silly grin tapping away a message in reply.

And now it's me waiting on tenterhooks for the next message coming in. Is that love ?

What I do know is there's a lady out there who has let me in a little bit to her private zone and has encouraged me to share stuff I rarely share too. There's an understanding there. And I have that mental image of her chuckling away as she's tapping out those text messages.

Yep. I think there's something there :-). And my friends at work think I'm happier since meeting Cupid's Gift too.

I'm interested to see where it goes :-)

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