Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mothers Day and Cozy Ideas

First up - Happy Mothers Day for all those who celebrate it this Sunday !
Yep - that's the original of the one I've been using as a happy message dwagon :-).

As per tradition, I'm spending it with the mum and dad as a chilled out weekend. There's also Ben :
Who would be overjoyed if you were to play with him.

Yep. Chilled out weekend with the parents and the big sis will join us for a while tomorrow. It's still a bit too chilly at the moment for a lunch/dinner/barbeque but that's getting nearer.

We saw something today which gave me a Bright Idea (translation - if a health and safety person heard of it, they'd ban it). Here we go :
It's a firepit table. We didn't see that one but you get the idea. People sitting around a table which just happens to HAVE FIRE BELCHING OUT OF THE CENTRE.

Cue daft idea where you could chill out and toast marshmallows and other assorted items (just don't soak them in kerosene - who'd do that ?). That definitely appealed to us. It's not quite warm enough to do it yet though. Soon. We've had a pretty mild winter so far, it's tried to snow a few times where I am but we've just had floods of rain instead.

Oh and if you cook something on that firepit table, I know someone who would be very interested in what you make :
Especially if it involves steaky type bits and pieces. Or sausages.

In other news - Comic Con in 7 days ! (or 8 if you read this on the overnight when I post it ...) Excited :-)

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