Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Random Convention Pics

Comic Con in 12 days !

I guess you've already picked up that I'm quite excited by it. I'm looking forward to a fun day out seeing a Pretty Lady's joy

I've had a daft idea though. Well, actually two daft ideas. The first daft idea would have seen me walking around with that old Dwagon Hat on. You know :

Hats are awesome
Dwagons are awesome
What could be better than that ? A Dwagon Hat :
Sparkly things are awesome too.

So if wearing the Dwagon Hat was one daft idea, what's the other one ? Think - leather jacket + the rain hat + a shirt. What are you thinking there ? I know what I'm thinking :
Yep. Need the whip to complement the other bits. Not doing the daft tache though. Tempted by the outfit though. Very tempted.

Random pics ? I collect these, usually from Facebook, sometimes from Twitter. I like to pull them out for special occasions. Or if I need a chuckle. Here's one :
Poor pusscat. I know how the poor fella feels too, although it has been getting warmer lately.

Remember that dress ?
But but but - dwagons are sources of cuteness ? And sometimes popcorn :
That fiery breath must come in handy for that.

Conventions ? I have my eye on another one now, it's CoxCon, due on August 1st and 2nd. I might well go along to that. It's in Telford which is maybe just under 2 hours from here. We shall see.

Will definitely try and get some random convention pics from Comic Con next week.

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