Monday, March 23, 2015

Raiding Comic Con

Yesterday was a great day.

We raided Comic Con in Birmingham. We ? Cupid's Gift came along !!! In her words : "woop woop". :-) Happy Pete Was Happy.

Still happy actually.

What happens at a Comic Con ? Some would say the attraction is in the stars that come along. Quite often it's stars from series long gone or stars not that well known from more recent shows. To be honest, the only one I recognised was Virginia Hey, who was an especially beautiful flower from Farscape. But the blue was having terrible effects on her skin so she was written out. Nah. I don't go to places like this for the stars (who charge lots for autographs).

The main attractions are split into the writers, illustrators and creators of some very special comic art. I wrote about the lovely Nina Serina from the last Comic Con, who couldn't be there this time around. That's a shame because meeting her and nattering was a highlight of the last Comic Con. Plenty more on show though.

There's a lot of merchandising happening at the various Comic Cons. It can be anything from t-shirts, to art, to badges, emblems and statuettes, to videos/dvds, to games, to computer games, to imported munchies (just finished a brownie - yumyum Cheers CG!). You get the idea. CG picked up some pretty Kitty bowls and a few more bits and pieces too. T-shirts. I'm a bad influence (definitely!) so more t-shirts escaped than otherwise might have. Including ...
Yep. After hearing Cupid's Gift say those words "Evil Fluffy Bitey Thing", she had to have the t-shirt. It's not the words, it's the addition of Hypercute to them in the delivery. Definitely heartmelting. She's an immensely strong one that also brings in that adorable cuteness too.

Yep. I'm considering myself immensely fortunate to have crossed paths with her.

Where's the t-shirts come from ? These and the next couple are from Genki Gear. (Linky). They sell that Covered In Germs mug too which attracted more than a few groans at work today. Which was the exact intention behind buying it. Hahaha.
Release those attack kittens ! There will be no escape. Or maybe later :
The words in the bubbles are :
"Was that a gentle breeze or your so-called fire breath ?"
"We deride your mayhem causing abilities"
"You're barely 120 foot tall"
They will pay. Mark my words.

I bought a couple more but I'm not going to show pics because I intend to surprise a few people with the one on Friday. It's quite mild compared to some Friday subversive t-shirt specials I've had. Come to think of it actually, it better be because it might end up on my next passport photo !

The last bit about Comic Cons is the cosplay. There weren't as many at London Comic Con but it was maybe 30% in Birmingham. The level of effort varies. There's some simple ones which are pretty much just onesies. There are nearly-there's. There's some scary ones (like the Everquest girl who was very large and not wearing very much - my eyes ! my eyes !) and some intentionally scary ones like the pair of Predators. That was cracking cosplay. There's the nigh on perfect, like the two Nialee's (a League Of Legends character with fur bikini).

And there's the show stoppingly spectacular :
Hail The Emperor, long may he watch over us and protect us from the demons.

This guy must have been seriously at least 8 foot tall in the costing, with the Khorne symbol dominating everything. He must have been baking in that suit but so totally well done. I salute you, even if you are Chaos Ridden Scum. (On the outside, the guy inside is a legend).

Yep. A good day out. For the show but most especially :

Because I helped a Pretty Lady thoroughly enjoy her day and come out with massive smiles.

And that makes it so worth it - and what makes me hope it won't be as long again before I see her again. Because if a Pretty Lady is smiling because of something I've done, that's me feeling on top of the world. I'm tired now but I'm not feeling it because ... Pretty Lady Smile !

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