Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Moving day

Our little group moved offices today.

We haven't moved far, just across a building and up a couple of floors. But it's always a wrench to leave behind people who have become dear friends over the years. Some of us have moved, others have had to stay behind. It's part of a reorganisation our place has been going through. Instead of arranging people by projects, it's more arranging them by where the projects are in their programmes. My stuff is in the Support domain now, the people we've left behind are Buying new stuff.

That's not to say we aren't buying anything any more, we still have a bit of that to go. But because most of our babies have hit the real world, we're moved over to support. It's a wrench for us mentally because we've been so focused in delivering those babies. But, you always have to be honest and most of our Buying Stuff phase is done now.

For me, it's a decision on whether to stay in the role I'm in and migrate from current project (with not much life left in it) to new project in same part of the organisation. Or I pack my things and find another bit of the organisation to work in. That'll be a wrench too after all these years but ... the great people of the project are still around the site.

Really hectic today. Yesterday was finishing up the packing, today was getting everything out of the crates and into the cupboards. And having the surprises when we got to where we are now. I didn't have much of a problem (I'm adaptable and will happily adopt "clutter" as a pattern to recognise and bring "familiarity").

Let's just say the old office and the new office are worlds apart. We'll clean it up, organise it (make it safe) and put our stamp on it in time.

Oh I was missing our people from the old office very quickly too. I tend to look around a lot (tis good for the eyes to refocus long distance) so I'd catch the eyes of people like Queen Bee, Miss F and the Snow Queen cos they were on a similar eyeline to where the clock I'd use for that long distance peek was.

I had a whinge the other day about the old office but what didn't really come out of that was that there was a little group of people trying their hardest to lift the spirit down there. They're organised, busy people who always keep their sense of humour despite all provocation by the more disagreeable down there. To mention a few that'd be :

Snow Queen ! She's such a sweetheart and is just awesome in gifting her time to everyone else. She works That Hard. Just remember to keep some of that time back for what YOU Want to do instead of what you believe everyone else Expects you to do :-)
Finance Angel E - who kept me out of trouble so much with my last job. She had my old desk today and I must have done something right cos the clear desk job got the Seal Of Approval.
Queen Bee - if there was mischief afoot, Queen Bee was usually at the centre :-) Queen Bee keeps us organised too and was my Go To person for asking the daft questions after Superspy retired.
Finance Angel R - who was oh so patient in getting me funding for some training (I can be hard work)
Ms F - who is one of very few people who I can talk through the personal stuff with
Mrs Sunshine - is still brightening up the office. Sun's been shining outside but it's shinier around Mrs Sunshine.
Finance Angel K - such a happy person with an amazing smile, always cheering me up with a "Hello Pete"
And it was good to see Thelma & Louise reunited this week too.

They're all awesome people and that's just a few. The ones I haven't mentioned I either don't have inspiration for codenames or didn't have much contact with. Was missing them all by 9.01am this morning. (I get in at about 9am)

You kinda wish that you could pack 'em up and take 'em with you when you move. (One or two might fit in the crates too!)

It was good to come back down there for a visit this pm (work related sadly) and they sorted me out quick (as always) and kept us working. Thank you all so much for all your hard work :-)


  1. Nice post, Pete - and cool nod to your H&S friend ;-)
    I know the girls always appreciate a thank you :-)

  2. Oh they deserve it - they have so much patience to cope with us manic crazy people :-)


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