Thursday, June 22, 2017

Steam sale is upon us !

Hide the credit cards !

Prepare space for the new games !!

Yes those games !!!

The ones we'll never play !!!!
For those not knowing about the computer games, Steam is an online digital game (and other things) distribution system. It's come to dominate the market. Most games sold now are either self published or come under the Steam system in one way or another. So when the Steam sale comes along, it's a big thing.

My games collection on Steam is already fairly hefty (with some games I've never even installed too - oops. They came as part of bundles mostly ...) but there will be a few more appearing this time around.

Let's see ... what are the highlights on the list at the moment. Going in the order that Steam is showing them to me :

Nier Automata - a fighty android game with quirks that look like it would make an interesting game. I've only heard good things about this game but ... It's a similar style to Mass Effect Andromeda and Deus Ex Mankind Divided, both of which I need to actually play and complete. (Halfway through Mass Effect, barely started Deus Ex MD). And it's only 30% off. It stays in the wishlist.

Stardew Valley - a farming game with huge amounts of charm. I've watched 1 and a half playthroughs of this and it got me interested. 40% off, although I'd be buying partly for a friend, partly for picking up the soundtrack.

Watch Dogs 2 - may buy at some point but at a base price of £45 and 50% off, hell no. I like my games but I don't like to be ripped off. Refusing to pay inflated prices means you can buy more games. Same goes for Quantum Break and Dying Light.

Destination Ares looks fun - it's an Early Access game which has you managing a ramshackle colony ship. Am curious but ... I rarely indulge in Early Access, better to wait until games are actually ready. Space Pirates and Zombies 2 is another promising Early Access game.

Bounty Train - set in 19th America with you being a privateer operator of a train. Bit like Elite on rails with quests and a proper storyline and variation. Looks very interesting. Perhaps £9.50 in sale price is a bit rich though.

80 Days ! Act out the Willy Fogg story as you attempt to make your way around the world in under 80 Days. I'd highly recommend the Michael Palin series about this, where he tried it in the modern world (without cheating with aircraft). he brought his charm and wit to that series and it's a bit of magic. Ahh - the game, currently £2.80 and the cheapest I've seen it. More interested in it on iPad though.

Halcyon 6 Starbase Commander - lots of depth on this one. It's a mix between starbase managing, simple starship combat and simple away team fights. Emphasis on simple. Also looks like fun on the videos. Curious about it for 50% off.

Blood Bowl 2 for 66% off ? Maybe .... although Blood Bowl 1 is one of few games that makes me ragequit it. Games Workshop dice based games are like that. Same comment goes for Mordheim - promising but daft mechanics and still a bit pricier than what I'd want to spend on it.

Duskers - super atmospheric post galaxy apocalypse game in space where your interaction with the derelicts is through the limited sensors of drones which break down very rapidly. One for super high tension. 50% off for £7.50. If I were rich maybe.

Starbound is 33% off. This one's on my buy list :-D.

And then there are some more like Rimworld (no discount, no buy), Enter the Gungeon (looks fun, dunno if it's my type of game), Rezrog (too new for discount), Starship Corporation (needs more time in the oven), The Long Dark (good prospect, now feels meh)
Yep. I have the games about world domination too.

So what'll I get and maybe get ?

Stardew Valley, Starbound and Motorsport Manager's GT DLC are certainties.

Icarus Starship Command Simulator is a maybe, as are Duskers, Halcyon 6, Bounty Train and 80 Days. Maybe Europa Universalis IV too, although I think that one would scare me with its depth.

And games I'd heartily recommend but have already are : Stellaris, Motorsport Manager, XCom 2, Deus Ex Human Revolution, Transistor and Elite Dangerous for 50% off.

Although maybe not spending anything just yet because in the first few hours of the Steam sale, the shop front crawls to a halt as it can't handle the traffic.

Oh and ....
Cya !

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