Sunday, June 18, 2017

Hot Racing

First up,
Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there ! I've just given mine a call. He's doing all right, which is better than usual ! He's been breaking more things, including his arm which just came out of plaster. Hope he'll be ok.

We both tend to bull on through our problems and just do things anyway, which tends to aggravate the problems. Well, I do when I summon up the motivation to start. That's a really bad habit. I need to actually initiate more jobs that need to be done (like the washing is out of the machine but I need to hang it up).

I will go back to the doctors ... soon. What I really need to do is stop helping the feet by aggressive cleaning, it just does more damage. There's a lot of scar tissue on my feet I think and trying to clean that up sees me going too far and causing damage. But it is getting there, ever so slowly and not helped by me attacking it.

Enough about me though. Too hot ! Far too hot !

I was out again on Friday for a fun games and dinner session and I think that pretty much finished me off. Wasn't feeling at all well yesterday. Not ill, just out of sorts and not really wanting to do much apart from watch Le Mans. (Hence the washing going on today instead of yesterday). I did manage to head out for pizza, although that would have put the kybosh on attempting to sleep normally.

One year, I'll actually stay up for the whole of the Le Mans race. I've done a couple of all nighters this year thanks to a Stellaris game that has a magic "just a few more months to next tech" factor. But I wasn't particularly feeling interested in playing games yesterday, instead catching up on a few videos.

I'll try and keep up with some onrunning series but a lot of the time, I'll relegate the playlists to a slow mode, where I give up trying to keep up with releases and just watch a few at a time in my own time. So what am I watching at the moment ? It sometimes starts as evaluating a game, sometimes because I really like the presenter/player, sometimes because watching the game is more enjoyable than playing it.

Watch Dogs 2 with Hannah is on in the background at the moment - it's an open world game that tries to have as much fun as possible with its setting and does what it does quite well. Not bought it ... yet.
Rezrog (with Katherine of Sky) looks very promising as a game. Could be odd mechanics though. It's a dungeon crawler game where you take one single hero through to beat the dungeon.
Dungeons II with Aavak is a dungeon builder game. I think I got this as a freebie but this time, it's evaluating the game. I haven't actually watched one of these videos yet.
Factorio (with Katherine of Sky again) is a factory building game. You crash land on a planet with rather nasty wildlife and have to build a factory to research your way into a rocket. I've tried starting this and it intimidates me ... Or is that trying to get one of the tough achievements on my first run through.
Northgard with LadyShelab is one that interests me as a simple/depth real time strategy inspired by the old Settlers games. Another I probably won't buy but it is interesting ...
Transport Fever with Shenryyr is a new take on doing planes, trains, automobiles and boats. Not buying this one because the game has too many bugs but I'm enjoying listening and watching.

Some of them have that gift of making the game fun and interesting, it does help if there is a wonderful voice there like the warm voice of Katherine of Sky and the about-to-break-into-song voice of Radderss on the streaming. There might even be a break into laughter (and lots of swearing) Chrissa stream later.

On the gaming for me front there is Stellaris (of course). I've abandoned my boring pacifist far too strong and dominating the galaxy race for a race of pure evil.
Yes. We burned the neighbour's long lost holy book before invading them and replacing all their leaders with our people. Our next plan is to confiscate the tea and force them to have coffee instead (you can't actually do this in game). I may have overdone it again on this one, my race has a silly powerful economy although I have affected that somewhat by choosing a ring galaxy (has all the planets concentrated into a band, means more star systems under your control)

Le Mans ! It was an epic race this year. Much different to previous Le Mans, where the competition was between the manufacturers of the top cars. The result of the entire event was in doubt this year after much mechanical gremlin trouble was had.

Toyota brought 3 cars, 2 of which dramatically failed on track within 30 minutes of each other and couldn't be dragged back to a garage where the third Toyota was being mended. They got the third stricken Toyota out again and it finished 9th after losing 2 hours.
Porsche brought 2 cars, 1 of which lost 90 minutes to having a broken front end fixed. (It's where the electric motor lives). The second Porsche broke down within 2 hours of the finish. Very dramatic again. At the time, a LMP2 (fast prototype, not hybrid) car was leading ....

And was overhauled within 30 minutes of the finish. But that wasn't the closest finish ... An Aston Martin and Corvette of GTE Pro were locked in battle right up to the final lap, where the Corvette ran out of tyre grip and binned it off the track. Pressure tells ... and the result said Aston Martin win.

Another epic Le Mans. The trick is to ignore most of it and wake up for the drama. There is a story that unfolds through these races. Like the two broken cars that came out again to win. Like an Audi last year (I think !) that had a major accident coming back on three wheels .... which was repaired and out again before the crash barriers were fixed. Like last year's Toyota disaster where the car leading by a lap failed with 5 minutes to go.

Winning for 23 hours 55 minutes does not win a 24 hour race ...

Huge cheers again for the entertainment this year around. I must get my passport updated (and my outsides fixed) so I can go to the actual event.

I didn't manage to stay awake this time. Again. I had mixed feelings there because I knew I would have problems due to the pizza if I tried for sleep, I just emerged when the problems were about to become ... a problem. So to speak. This year I went for nappage at 3.30am and emerged at about 9.30am. Caught up via the Twitters, there are a lot of active Twitter accounts that capture the most important events.

I'm off work again tomorrow, which should help my feet out if I let them.

It's been a good weekend. I resisted going to Weston air show, which sounds like it was a good idea because the M5 road there was supposedly at car park stations. Le Mans was even more epic organised unpredictable chaos than usual and Friday's games and dinner was extremely enjoyable.

(We'll just ignore the not feeling great yesterday !)

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