Saturday, June 03, 2017

Comic Con Adventures !

Was this really last week ? Feels like the week has flown by !

But I'll write about this week some other time. First .... Pika-Friend wants to greet you !
This character was bouncing happily on the way in. I think they were anticipating a fun time.
Comic Con in London is held there, in the Excel arena. A good place, although the climate conditions (and the sheer number of people) makes for a tough day due to heat. Wonder what it's like with a less popular show ? The Comic Cons have got pretty big now. Lots of things on offer :
The cute t-shirts as always, we didn't buy anything from Genki Gear this time around but they did have some good stuff on show. (I'd just bought the best already !)
We had plushies inspired by the Stardew Valley game. I've thought about picking this one up but I'm not convinced I'll stick with it to be honest. I have enjoyed watching the Aavak and Metaselene series of this though.
Pretty trinkets ....
More pretty trinkets ....
Wonderfully weird art ...
Gorgeous cosplay ...
Darth Vader !!! The celebrities seemed more accessible this time around and not hidden away behind screens. Still loadsamoney for autographics though.
There was also his mate BB-8 ...
In several forms ... Oh wait ! Darth wasn't BB-8's mate ...
Perhaps this fella :-).
There was some truly wonderful cosplay on show there, including this lady and her dress arranging minion.
Not that Minion.
I'd love to know where this character came from.
I loved the dragonboat and its passenger.

This alien costume was a piece of wonder ...
But we thought we should escape before the Photo Police arrested me for the crime of taking blurry photos ... However ! We did escape with loot :
The last one ! Oh and .... check this out :
No. Not the ancient sofa that could do with recovering and a good clean. The Nanoblock BB-8 !

I also took away a Nanoblock Cookie Monster, Mass Effect posters plus a couple of Star Wars themed t-shirts.

We had a great day out ! Loved it. I was knocked out for a day or so due to (being old and maybe leftovers of the bugs) and all the energy expended but ... LOVED IT !

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