Friday, January 09, 2015

Warry Stars

I've been going back in time with the movies ...
Stay on target.

I shouldn't really be rewatching the Star Wars movies just yet, I should really be saving that for a closer time to the release of the next movies. But, I felt like it :-) And you should indulge stuff like that.

It was the turn of Episode IV A New Hope tonight. I like these movies. I like all of them in fact. I'm not one of the confirmed ultra fanbois who hated the first because it wasn't what they thought it should be. I just see a movie that I thoroughly enjoyed. And that's something I feel for all of the movies.

I'm finding that's a good attitude to have for many movies these days, to start watching them with no expectations that they'll be any good. And then you can be surprised when you do actually quite enjoy them.

I'll not say too much more about these movies, time for pics ... Although I will say that I'm looking forward to developments in the gaming world :

Steam sell Lego Star Wars, which tells the story of all of the movies. But they won't discount it ... It's only £15 but ... I don't want to be paying full price on what's a very old game now.
I'm not that skint but I do like to feel I'm getting proper value.
And that goes for my music too.
Go Kenny.

I'm after a few more gaming memories too. I really enjoyed the old Pod Racer game but haven't installed it for years because it doesn't get on well with Windows 7. The game plays ok but can't recall saved games.
There's stories about people suing Apple at the moment because their phones don't have all the memory they claim to have. It's actually idiots who are upset at the memory needed for iOS upgrades but on my part, I think it's sad that a 16GB iPhone 5 only has 13.5GB available to the user and on mine, 2.5GB of that is stolen by something mysteriously called "Other" that I can't clear.
Yes Yodacat. That's the feeling of having to be much more restricted on what you can squeeze onto the 16GB phone (about 1300 tracks) compared to the 16GB iPod Nano (2800 tracks).
Yes. You're seeing me looking for excuses to bring out the Star Wars funnys ...

The other Star Wars games I played were the Tie Fighter games. I played through all of that, including one of the expansions. I tried the X Wing game too, which came before it but got stuck on a mission and couldn't progress further. Those two are now available on but I haven't seen them discounted yet.

You can probably tell I hate paying full price for stuff.

One more before I disappear back into Elite Dangerous. I have 100k of working capital now, need to boost that to 1 million before I change my ship to a Cobra. It's 370k for the Cobra and I have 200k available as part exchange on the Adder but it's useful to have working capital to trade with, plus I'd want upgrades to the base spec Cobra. Better guns. Better hyperdrive. Better cargo space. And the rest.
Definitely better guns or my Cobra will resemble the munched X Wing in the pic above.

Cya soon !

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